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Housing Account page out of service (solved 25th May)

A blue brown and white sign that says LU Accommodation/LU Bostäder on the first row, Reception on the second row, entrance housing on the third row and Tunavägen 20 on the  forth row (picture)

As of 15:40 CEST 16th May 2023, our Housing Account and Application web page is out of service. From 25th May, the page is up again. It has been working for 5+ hours, but we are still monitoring the situation.

25th May 2023, 15:00 CEST

The issue seems to have been resolved. We are continuing to monitor the situation.

25th May 2023, 10:45 CEST

The housing portal is up again. Troubleshooting remains ongoing.

24th May 2023, 08:00 CEST

Troubleshooting ongoing.

23rd May 2023, 09:15 CEST

Our system provider and local IT department are continuing their troubleshooting. We hope to find a resolution soon.

22nd May 2023, 09:30 CEST

We continue to work with our IT department and system provider, but have not yet found the solution. We thank you for your patience.

17th May 2023, 16:00 CEST

We still have not found a solution. We suspect the website may not be working until the beginning of next week.

17th May 2023, 11:00 CEST

The issue still persists. Work is ongoing to find a solution.

16th May 2023 16:00 CEST

We are working to solve this issue, and thank you for your patience. We will make sure to minimise disruption to applications, allocations and rental payments.

We will update this page with more information when we have it. We expect the issue to persist at least until tomorrow morning (CEST).

Thank you for your patience and understanding.