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FAQ Arrival Process tutorial

Below you can find information on the arrival procedure.

Arrival Process

The arrival process consists of the first rental payment, the online induction and collecting the keys.


Pay your first rent

Step 1: 

After signing your contract, you will need to complete the arrival process. Click on “Arrival process” from the menu. Once all the steps are successfully completed, you will gain access to your accommodation.

Finding the arrival process

Step 2: 

The first rental invoice and the deposit must be paid before access to the accommodation is granted. To pay the first rent, click on "Pay first rent" or select the "Invoices and payment" option. The deposit is automaticly added to the first rental payment.

First rental payment

View and pay your invoice by clicking on it for more details.

Invoices and payment

When you have clicked on the invoice, you will receive detailed information about your invoice, and you have the option to download it by clicking "Save as PDF“. If you are a scholarship holder click on the “Info” to know what applies for you

Be aware that the initial rent includes the deposit. To select your payment method, click on "NETS."


Invoices and payment 2

Step 3: 

Select a payment method, enter your card details and then click “Pay.”


Complete the induction

Step 4: 

Go back to the arrival process and go to the step "Complete arrival instructions".

Finding the arrival process

Step 5:

Complete the induction process by reading through the induction material provided.



Step 5: 

After completing the induction, confirm your understanding by clicking “I have read and understood the instructions.”

Induction complete

Collect your keys

Step 6: 

After you have paid your first rent, deposit and compleated the induction you will be able to book your key rcollection. Go to “Book key retrieval” and select a date. Your request will be tracked under "Support" / "My tickets," where you will receive a scheduled date for key collection.

Book key retrieval
Select a date

Step 7: 

If you have any questions regarding key collection or need to reschedule, use the messaging feature. Under “Support” in the side menu, click on “My tickets”, then click on the case and “New case message”. Type your question and send.

Send new case message

Arrival inspection

Step 8:

When you arrive at your accommodation, it is important to conduct an arrival inspection and document the condition of the place. This assessment will be compared to the move-out inspection that will be conducted after your departure. Please note that the arrival inspection is mainly for documentation purposes and will not result in any repair work. However, if you do find any faults that require fixing, you can report them by clicking on “Create a fault report.” This service is available at no extra cost, and you can use it throughout your tenancy.

Arrival inspection location


View of the arrival inspection

Step 9:

Before approving your accommodation inspection, make sure to thoroughly inspect it and update the condition of any items as necessary. You can add comments and upload photos of any damaged or poor-condition items. Please note that once you approve the inspection, you won't be able to reopen it, so it's important to ensure that all details are properly documented. However, if you overlook something or notice an issue later, please don't hesitate to contact us via email to report any additional findings.


Complete arrival process

Contact details

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Student Accommodation

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Phone hours

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For disturbances outside of office hours, call the same number and press 1 to get connected to our on-call security firm.

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