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Sofieberg is a five floor building located close to the faculty of enginering and in the same building as the LU Accommodation reception.

The housing area Sofieberg viewed from the south of the building showing the white builing and the playground at the daycare in front of it. Photo by LU Accommodation
The Sofieberg exterior (click to enlarge)


A grocery store and bus stop for buses to central Lund are just a stone's throw away from Sofieberg. Here we can offer you one bedroom apartments and also rooms for one person in a two bedroom apartment. Five apartments are suitiable for families as they are two bedroom apartments.

Please note that if you stay in a room in a shared apartment you will share kitchen and bathroom with another guest researcher, with shared responsibility for keeping the apartment tidy and clean.

Total units

20 rooms in a two bedroom apartment suitable for single persons, 16 one bedroom apartments suitable for couples and 5 two bedroom apartments suitable for small families.

Rent range (can be subject to changes)

Room in a two bedroom apt/Shared apt: appr. SEK 7 700 / month (per tenant)

One bedroom apt: appr. SEK 10 707 - 12 773 / month (per apartment)

Two bedroom apt: appr. SEK 16 000 / month (per apartment)

Tenants who stay over the summer do not pay for July, if they have moved in before May.

Size of bedrooms

Room in a two bedroom apt = 12 - 13 square metres

One bedroom apt = 37,8 – 55,8 square metres

Two bedroom  apt= 72,5 square metres

Minimum tenancy

2 months

Maximum tenancy

12 months

Tenants in the building

International guest researchers and international students live in this housing area


Please remember that you need to activate your tag every third day for it to work on your door. You activate it by holding it to the reader by either the elevators or by the door reaching the staircase.


The laundry room is found on ground level and is reached from the courtyard, just beside the bicycle storage rooms. You book your time by using your tag.

Owner of the building


Distance to the centre of Lund

Approximately 2 km


Internet is included in the rent. The internet provider is Bahnhof.

Nearest supermarket

ICA Tuna, in the residence area

Waste disposal

The waste disposal room is located on Warholms väg 2, turn left when leaving the building and you will find the room on your right hand side. Use your key tag to enter. All housing areas have some sort of waste separation in order to minimize the negative effect on the environment. It is important to sort your waste carefully. You may also read more here: Waste Separation Guidelines

How to report a fault or problem in your apartment

Report the problem online by filling out a fault report here: Fault Report (GR)

Emergencies & disturbances outside office hours

Call LU-Security 046-222 08 00


Overview of the exterior of the housing area Sofieberg showing the builing in redish brick (Picture)
Sofieberg from the northeast (click to enlarge)
The view from the top floor at the housing area Sofieberg showing the building to the right and the park to the left (picture)
The view from the top floor at Sofieberg (click to enlarge)


Warholms väg 2 A, 224 65 Lund

Please note: The apartments look different inside and are not uniform to each other. Furniture can vary and be replaced over time.

exempel sofieberg