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Terms of Tenancy

Once you have signed a housing contract with us you have agreed to follow the Terms and conditions of LU Accommodation. As your landlord, we are bound to follow the Residential Tenancies Act and you as a tenant are bound to follow the conditions of your contract.


  1. The tenant must be conducting studies or research at Lund University to rent a room/apartment from LU Accommodation.
  2. LU Accommodation does not own the room/apartment that is rented. LU Accommodation rents the room/apartment from the building owner and sublets it to the tenant.
  3. The tenant is not allowed to sublet the room/apartment under any circumstances.
  4. All rooms/apartments are single occupancy with only the contract holder being allowed to live there, unless written confirmation has been given by LU Accommodation. The tenant must follow all regulations provided with that confirmation.
  5. Rooms/apartments are rented for the full rental period stated, with payment liability independent of the actual arrival or departure date. The tenant cannot move into the room/apartment before the start of the rental period.
  6. The tenant must move out of the room/apartment by 12.00, at the latest, on the last day of the rental period.
  7. The tenant can shorten the rental period, by sending an e-mail to LU Accommodation. The tenant has to give a minimum notice of two full calendar months.
  8. LU Accommodation does not offer the possibility to move to an alternative room/apartment. LU Accommodation reserves the right to move the tenant to other accommodation if deemed necessary.
  9. The tenant must follow all deadlines set by LU Accommodation. Failure to follow these deadlines, (e.g. those for application, accepting of contract, induction, deposit/rental payments or extension requests) may invalidate the application and risk the termination of the contract.


  1. The tenant is obliged to pay the monthly rent on or before the deadline date specified on the online housing account. Failure to pay the rent on time will incur late payment fees, and ultimately the termination of the housing contract. Costs in connection with these actions (such as court costs or legal fees) will be paid by the tenant. The tenants’ home university or host department as well as local authorities can be contacted, if the tenant does not fulfil these obligations.
  2. The rent is based on the rent LU Accommodation pays for the room/apartment to the building owner on the date of the tenants’ electronic signature of this contract. If the building owner modifies the rent after the start of the rental period, LU Accommodation reserves the right to modify the rent accordingly.
  3. The rent includes water, heating, electricity, internet, laundry facilities and basic furnishing (e.g. bed, wardrobe, desk and chair).
  4. If the tenant has been booked as a student, they are obliged to pay a deposit upon accepting this contract. This deposit, minus deductions as per §20, will be refunded to the card of origin if possible, after a final inspection of the room/apartment. Failure to pay the deposit can lead to the termination of the contract.


  1. The tenant is obliged to inspect the condition of the room/apartment when they arrive and fill out a report. The report is to be submitted to LU Accommodation within three working days of the tenant's arrival. The report will not lead to any reparations or replacements.
  2. The tenant is obliged to report any problems regarding maintenance, repair or replacement by submitting an online Fault Report. This is available on LU Accommodation’s website. The tenant will not be charged for normal maintenance work.
  3. The tenant will not receive any rent reduction for disturbances caused by LU Accommodation or its associates while carrying out necessary maintenance of the room, apartment or building.
  4. The tenant is fully responsible for the room/apartment and any furniture included. The tenant is liable for repair costs for damage caused by their or their visitors’ actions.
  5. If the tenant has access to shared furniture that gets damaged or must be replaced the costs will be charged to all tenants in the corridor/area in question.
  6. LU Accommodation does not provide any type of insurance.
  7. A Final Inspection will be carried out after the tenant has moved out. Based on this, costs for damages, missing items, items left behind and/or insufficient cleaning will be deducted from the deposit or sent out as an additional invoice.
  8. LU Accommodation and/or the building owner and its associates are allowed to enter the room/apartment in the absence of the tenant in order to carry out critical maintenance if necessary.


  1. Only one set of keys will be issued for the room/apartment. The keys must be collected personally by the tenant during LU Accommodation’s visiting hours. A valid Identification Card or Passport and the Letter of Acceptance or Notification of Selection Results must be presented when collecting them. Exceptions and specific rules may apply for guest researchers, if previously stated by LU Accommodation.
  2. Tenants booked as students must complete the online induction before collecting the keys.
  3. If the keys are lost, LU Accommodation must be informed immediately. Reserve keys will be issued and the tenant is liable for costs for replacement keys and lock changes if the lost keys are not recovered within two weeks.
  4. The keys must be returned to the LU Accommodation office before 12.00 on the last day of the rental period, at the latest. If the tenant leaves outside of visiting hours, specific instructions must be followed.
  5. If the keys are not returned on time or the tenant fails to lock the room/apartment door at the time of departure, the tenant is liable for late fees as well as the costs for lock changes and any damages incurred. 


  1. No alterations are allowed to be made to the room/apartment without previous consultation and written agreement of LU Accommodation.
  2. No used furniture that might carry the risk of vermin infestation, or cause marks and damages, is allowed to be brought into the room/apartment or building. The tenant is liable for costs incurred by infractions.
  3. The tenant is obliged to check the room/apartment for vermin regularly and report to LU Accommodation immediately if an infestation is suspected. In case of infestation the tenant will make sure to minimize the spread of vermin by not moving furniture, clothes or bed linen to other rooms/areas.
  4. The tenant must agree and follow all procedures laid out by LU Accommodation regarding vermin infestation; as long as all instructions are followed, costs for pest control will be free of charge.
  5. Cleaning and upkeep of the room/apartment during the tenant's stay is wholly their responsibility.
  6. Cleaning and upkeep of common areas during the tenant's stay is wholly their and their neighbors’ responsibility. LU Accommodation may perform inspections of corridors and common areas without previous notice, and may charge the tenants of a shared corridor/apartment for supplementary cleaning after successive inspections suggesting an issue.
  7. Refrigerators and freezers in apartments and shared kitchens must be defrosted regularly. Ice in freezers must never be hacked off since this can damage the freezer coils.
  8. Maintenance, rules and hours of use must be respected when using shared facilities such as laundry rooms.
  9. Garbage and waste are to be separated in accordance with the instructions found on LU Accommodation’s website. It is prohibited to leave any garbage outside of the designated bins/containers in the respective recycling/garbage rooms.
  10. Smoking is prohibited inside all rooms/apartments and buildings, on balconies, as well as near entrances, windows or ventilation shafts. The tenant is liable for costs for restoring or cleaning the room/apartment from smells and residues caused by smoking.
  11. The use and possession of illicit drugs are criminal offences under Swedish Law, and any transgressions will be reported to the police.
  12. Loud noises and disturbances are prohibited after 22.00. Any activities that might interfere with the peace, comfort or convenience of other tenants living in and around the residence is strictly forbidden.
  13. The tenant is responsible for their own and their visitors’ conduct. The tenant is liable for costs incurred (e.g. call out-fee of security officers) for disturbances caused by the tenant or any of their visitors.
  14. The tenant is not allowed to have any pets in the room/apartment or building. If the tenant is in need of a service animal, LU Accommodation must be contacted and possible arrangements must be discussed before accepting these terms. 


  1.  All regulations regarding fire safety must be followed, as detailed on LU Accommodation’s website and in the accommodation building.
  2. The tenant is responsible for checking that the fire alarm is working properly and, if needed and applicable, replacing the battery. If any other fault should occur, the tenant is obliged to report it to the caretaker immediately.
  3. The tenant is liable for costs incurred for fire alarms triggered by their or their visitors’ actions. It is a violation of law to tamper with or remove fire alarms, sprinklers or extinguishers.
  4. It is forbidden to prop open corridor or main entrance doors.
  5. It is forbidden to block entrances, stairwells and corridors. Objects blocking exit paths will be removed.
  6. Bicycles must be parked in bicycle stands or garages at all times. Tenants not respecting this regulation risk having their bicycle/s removed.
  7. LU Accommodation and/or the building owner and its associates are allowed to enter the room/apartment in the tenant’s absence if there is reasonable suspicion of a breach of security or fire safety.

The tenant agrees and accepts that breaking any part of this contract will lead to their Lund University department and home university being notified and their contract risking termination.

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For disturbances outside of office hours, please call LU Security 046-222 08 00, and press 1.

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