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Fire safety

A red foam extinguisher below a sign showing where it is suppose to be hanging on a white wall next to two glass windows (picture)

Fire alarms and smoke detectors

All housing areas are equipped with a fire alarm. The fire alarms function differently depending on the type of building and the provider of the fire alarm.

Faulty smoke detector

If any fault would occur with the smoke detector, you are obligated to report to the caretakers without delay.


Fire alarms or smoke detectors triggered by carelessness will be charged to the tenant in question. Please pay special attention while cooking not to cause any smoke that might trigger the alarm. Do not use fire extinguishers if not in danger of a fire since lives may be compromised if these are empty. If the fire extinguishers have been used, please contact the caretakers immediately.

Change the battery

The student room/apartment is equipped with a smoke detector installed in the ceiling. Some of them are driven with batteries, and it is the responsibility of the tenant to check that they are working. If the alarm goes off once every few minutes with a beeping, the battery needs replacing.

Watch the video below on how to check your smoke detector and change the battery:


In case of fire, you should leave the building via the nearest smoke free exit. Do not use the elevator under any circumstances.

Fire drills

When LU Accommodation perform fire drills, there is always a housing officer present if you are required to leave the accommodation. You can always ask the staff member to show both an ID Card and a LU Staff Card to make sure that the fire drill is indeed organized by us. Should the people performing such a thing refuse to show their ID Cards or LU Staff Card you are under no obligation to follow their instructions.

Emergency exits

Entrances, stairwells and corridors should not be blocked as the building must be evacuated quickly in the event of a fire. Objects blocking exit paths will be seized and returned at a fee.

Preventive measures

  • Keep all exits clear.
  • Keep the fire doors closed at all times. The fire doors will isolate the fire and prevent it from spreading.
  • Use timers for coffee makers, kettlers and toasters.
  • Switch off the stove and oven. Do not keep any flammable material near the stove.
  • Only a limited number of people can visit the corridors at the same time as the corridors have to be evacuated quickly in the events of a fire.

Contact details

LU Accommodation Sofieberg reception entrance; a wood-covered concrete bench in front of a door in a glass wall. Photo by Mikko Jokela Måsbäck.
LU Accommodation Sofieberg reception entrance (click to enlarge)

Student Accommodation

Address: Tunavägen 20, Lund
Telephone hours suspended.


luacc [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se

Zoom Hours (suspended)

The zoom hours are suspended during the summer.


For disturbances outside of office hours, please call LU Security 046-222 08 00