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Systematic fire protection work (SBA)

How we work

According to the Swedish law LU Acc, as your landlord, needs to carry out “Systematiskt BrandSkyddsarbete” SBA (Systematic Fire Protection Work). 

The things that you as a tenant might notice the most is that the Caretakers carry out monthly accommodation checking’s according to a checklist. This checklist includes making sure that all doors and fire extinguishers are functional, escape routes are clear, etc.

The fire alarms are tested every month and every quartile. During the quartile tests, the alarm will go off and we may need to enter your room/apartment. When LU Accommodation performs fire drills, there should always be a housing officer present if you are required to leave the accommodation. You can always ask the housing officer to show both an ID Card and a LU Staff Card to make sure that the fire drill is indeed organized by us. Should the people performing the drill refuse to show their ID Cards or LU Staff Card you are under no obligation to follow their instructions. 

The fire department may conduct inspections to ensure that the fire safety is up to code.

Most common risks

Fire alarm: false alarm and vandalism.

How to prevent: Fire alarms or smoke detectors triggered by carelessness will be charged to the tenant in question. Please pay special attention while cooking to not cause any smoke that might trigger the alarm. Currently, the costs of triggering an alarm directly connected to the fire department is up to SEK 20 000. Some tenants have tried to remove or cover the smoke detector, which will result in LU-security receiving a fault signal. The tenant responsible will be charged for the repair.

Brought Fire

How to prevent: Make sure that all doors are closed and locked. File a fault report as soon as possible if any door is out of order. Do not let anyone unknown into the building. Make sure to not store personal belongings or other possessions in corridors, stairs, basements etc. File a fault report if something is stored close to the facade.

Electrical installations

How to prevent: Make sure to always keep your stove clean. Do not forget to switch off the cooker and oven. Do not keep any flammable liquids or materials near the cooker. Avoid water on electrical appliances. Clean the filter on your cooker hood. Try to avoid extensions cords and adapters. Avoid using electrical heaters. Do not charge your mobile phone, computer or other appliances near flammable material (ex. your bed).

Coffee machines /water boiler

How to prevent: Don’t manipulate in any way. Make sure to use a timer. Do not leave unattended. 


How to prevent: We strongly advise you to not use candles given the high risk of accidents. Always keep candles under surveillance, even tea lights. Do not place candles on the television or on bookshelves or tea lights direct on any surface. The lights put close together could easily produce large flames. The person who lights the candles is responsible for any accidents that may occur.

Firedoors that are not closed

How to prevent: Make sure that all doors are closed and locked. These doors are not allowed to be left open. The fire doors will isolate the fire and prevent the fire from spreading to other parts of the building. Also keep the doors to the kitchen closed, otherwise the fire alarm in the corridors might start. File a fault report asap if any door is out of order.

Blocked escape routes

How to prevent: Make sure that corridors and stairs are kept clear. Bikes are not allowed inside the buildings. We as landlord are forced to remove things that are blocking escape routes. 

Maximum number of people is exceeded

How to prevent: We advise you to not have any parties or large gatherings in your accommodation. Only a limited number of people can visit the corridors at the same time as the corridors have to be evacuated quickly in the events of a fire. If LU-Security considers a party dangerous, they will close the event. 

Thefts of signs

How to prevent: In the corridor accommodations we have escape route plans. Please read the instructions. File a fault report if you notice that a sign is stolen. 

Damage to fire extinguishers

How to prevent: File a fault report if you notice that a fire extinguisher is broken.


How to prevent:  We advise you to be careful if frying. If the oil is burning, put on the lid. Do not pore on water, as the burning oil will spray up!

Contact details

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