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Our accommodation at Spoletorp is located just a short distance from the train station.

An overview of the exterior of the housing area Spoletorp South showing the building in front of the road. Photo by LU Accommodation.
An overview of the exterior of Spoletorp South (click to enlarge)


Total units

8 corridor rooms (private WC with shower, shared kitchen and living room)

Minimum tenancy

2 months

Maximum tenancy

12 months

Suitable for

A room of this sort is suitable for one person.

Size of apartments

20 square metres

Rent (from 1 August 2024)

Approx. SEK 6 937 per month

Tenants who stay over the summer do not pay for July, if they have moved in before May.



Distance to the center of Lund

Approximately 500 metres


Internet is included in the rent. Just plug in your computer to the network socket using an ethernet cable. The internet provider is Bahnhof. Please call their support number if you experience any problems 010- 510 00 00.

Shared responsibility

As you will be staying in a corridor room, you share the responsibility for cleaning the kitchen and the common living area. You also need to take turns bringing out the trash from the kitchen, cleaning out the refrigerator etc.


Laundry is booked by using a tag to access the display located at the street level in the stairwell. The laundry rooms are located in the basement of the building.


The letterboxes are located in the hallway on the ground floor. Your letterbox will be marked with your room number. Please put your name tag on it or else you will not receive post.

Waste disposal

Containers for waste disposal can be found in the basement of the building. All housing areas have some sort of waste separation in order to minimize the negative effect on the environment. It is important to sort your waste carefully. You may also read more here: Waste Separation Guidelines

Nearest supermarket

ICA Kvantum Malmborgs Clemenstorget, Clemenstorget 5

How to report a fault or problem in the apartment

Report the problem online by filling out a fault report here: Fault Report (GR)

Emergencies & disturbances outside office hours

Call LU-Security 046-222 08 00


A picture of the corner of the housing area Spoletorp South, a grey brick building (photo).

Address: Britta Holmströms gata 2, 222 20 Lund

Please note: The rooms look different inside and are not uniform to each other. Furniture can vary and be replaced over time.

A picture inside a room at Spoletorp South, showing a desk, two chairs and a coffee table, and a french balcony (photo).

Room 1506


A picture inside a room at Spoletorp South, showing a desk and desk light, an armchair, and a coffee table (photo).

Room 1505