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Housing Queue

LU Accommodation has a housing queue that is reset before each semester, to determine who will have precedence when applying for available accommodation.

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The Housing Queue

The housing queue is active during the entire application period, and is used to determine whose application for housing is processed first. All applicants for housing must register an account, join the queue and then actively apply for available accommodation, as it is published in batches.

Once you have applied for available accommodation, and the deadline has passed, LU Accommodation will process all applications to that specific batch of available accommodation. The application in first position will be processed first, and will be given the highest available accommodation, following their ranked preferences. Then the next highest application will be processed, and so on.

How to apply for available accommodation

Queue Position

Your position in the housing queue is determined by two factors; your student priority group and your application date (the date and time you joined the housing queue). Your position will be visible in each batch of available housing you apply to. Please note that your position can change as students with higher priority apply for the batch, and therefore qualify in a higher queue position.

The final queue position is determined after the last date to apply for a specific batch of available housing.

Student Priority Groups

There are three different student priority groups (Guaranteed, Prioritized and Regular), and applications will be prioritized in descending order. That means that all Guaranteed applications, that have been submitted within the application period, will be processed first, then all Prioritized applications, and lastly all Regular applications.

Programme students who are liable to pay tuition fees to Lund University are eligible for a Housing Guarantee. A very limited number of Exchange students coming on specific agreement are also eligible for the Housing Guarantee. This means that they are guaranteed to receive an offer of accommodation if they make their application on time. These applications will be processed before any other applications, to fulfill LU Accommodation's obligations relating to the guarantee.

NB. If an applicant with a Housing Guarantee does not choose enough housing options in their application, LU Accommodation retains the right to offer them an available accommodation that they have not opted for, to fulfill the obligation to make a housing offer.

Learn more about the Housing Guarantee and its regulations

Certain Exchange programmes and agreements are offered Prioritized housing status. These applications will be processed once all guaranteed applications have been completed, but before all regular applications.

Students who belong to this group are informed of their status by their programme or exchange coordinators.

Most Exchange students qualify for housing as regular applicants, and will be offered housing once all guaranteed and prioritized applications have been processed. We recommend all regular applicants to be proactive and search for housing through other agencies as well.

Learn more about other ways to find housing

Application date

Within each priority group, preference is determined by who applied first. The application date is determined by the exact date and time that the applicant pressed the "Join Queue" button on their housing account.

First day of Application Period Lottery

All applications that are received within the first 24 hours of each application period (i.e. 00:00-23:59 CEST) get a randomized time on their application date. This means that they are effectively in a lottery with all other applicants from the same priority group who applied on that date. Any application received after the first 24 hours have passed will have their application date and time assigned as normal.

Applicant OrderPriority GroupApplication Date
Student #1Guaranteed7th May, 18:54 (CEST)
Student #2Guaranteed19th May, 06:31 (CEST)
Student #3Prioritized7th May, 09:03 (CEST, Lottery)
Student #4Prioritized8th May, 10:15 (CEST)
Student #5Regular7th May, 06:07 (CEST, Lottery)
Student #6Regular7th May, 11:58 (CEST, Lottery)
Student #7Regular30th May, 07:04 (CEST, Late application)
Student #8Prioritized30th May, 15:43 (CEST, Late application)
Student #9Guaranteed18th June, 12:07 (CEST, Late application)

Contact details

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Student Accommodation

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Phone hours

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