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Terms and conditions Academic year 2023/2024

Once you have signed a housing contract with us you have agreed to follow the Terms and conditions of LU Accommodation. As your landlord, we are bound to follow the Residential Tenancies Act and you as a tenant are bound to follow the conditions of your contract.

Terms of tenancy

These Terms of tenancy apply for the entirety of the Tenant’s stay with LU Accommodation. Failure to follow these Terms can constitute grounds for additional fees, termination of the Contract or other legal consequences. LU Accommodation also reserves the right to contact coordinators either at Lund University or a home university to discuss the failure to follow this contract. 

General terms

  1. All tenants must follow Swedish law. The specific law regarding rental agreements is called “Hyreslagen, Jordabalken 12 kap.”. 
  2. In the event of unforeseen and extraordinary circumstances (“Force majeure”), such as natural disasters, rioting, acts of terrorism, and war, LU Accommodation reserves the right to be exempt from the liabilities of this contract. 

Keys to the Accommodation

  1. The Tenant will be issued one set of keys for the accommodation, unless otherwise agreed to. The Tenant can collect the keys (in person) once they have completed all requisite steps of the arrival process.
  2. The keys can be collected on the first working day after the start of the Contract and must be returned before 12:00 (noon) on the last day of the Contract.
  3. The Tenant is liable for fees and damage costs if the keys are not returned at the right time and place, or if the Tenant fails to properly lock the accommodation at the time of departure.
  4. If the Tenant loses the keys, LU Accommodation must be informed immediately. Reserve keys will be issued, and the Tenant is liable for costs for replacement keys and lock changes if the lost keys are not recovered. A call out fee may occur for incidents when a Tenant is locked out, despite the keys not having been lost.

Maintenance of the Accommodation

  1. The Tenant is fully responsible for the accommodation and all its premises and contents, including cleaning and upkeep, during their stay. NO permanent alterations may be made without written permission from LU Accommodation.
  2. Any issues regarding maintenance, repair or replacement must be reported as soon as possible to LU Accommodation.
  3. The Tenant is responsible for their own and their visitors’ conduct. The Tenant is liable for costs incurred (e.g. call out-fee of security officers) for disturbances caused by the Tenant or any of their visitors, or if their actions cause or worsen an issue through negligence or failure to report it.
  4. The Tenant must submit an online inspection within three (3) days of moving in, to ascertain the condition of the accommodation. LU Accommodation will conduct an inspection after the Tenant has moved out and compare the condition of the accommodation.
  5. Costs for any damages that were not reported in the moving-in inspection, as well as costs related to restoring the accommodation to a good condition (including cleaning and item disposal/postage), and any remaining fees or unpaid rents will be deducted from the deposit or charged to the Tenant.
  6. LU Accommodation and/or the Property Owner are permitted to carry out necessary maintenance in the accommodation and building, which may cause moderate disturbances to the Tenant.
  7. The Tenant agrees that LU Accommodation and/or the Property Owner may enter the accommodation in their absence, to carry out critical maintenance (only) or if there is reasonable suspicion of a breach of security or fire safety.
  8. If the accommodation includes access to shared spaces (e.g. shared kitchen, bathroom, laundry room), the Tenant is jointly responsible for their conditions, together with all other concurrent Tenants sharing the space.
  9. Cleaning and upkeep of common areas during the Tenant's stay is entirely their and their neighbors’ responsibility. LU Accommodation may perform inspections of corridors and common areas without previous notice and may charge the Tenants of a shared corridor/apartment for supplementary cleaning after more than one failed inspection.
  10. Respect maintenance instructions, rules and hours of use when using shared facilities such as laundry rooms.

Fire Safety

  1. All regulations regarding fire safety must be followed, as detailed on LU Accommodation’s website and in the accommodation building.
  2. The Tenant is responsible for checking that the fire alarm is working properly and, if needed and applicable, replacing the battery. If any other fault should occur, the Tenant is obliged to report it to the caretaker immediately.
  3. The Tenant is liable for costs incurred for fire alarms triggered by their or their visitors’ actions. It is a violation of law to tamper with or remove fire alarms, sprinklers, or extinguishers.
  4. It is forbidden to prop open corridor or main entrance doors.
  5. It is forbidden to block entrances, stairwells, and corridors. Objects blocking exit paths will be removed.

Rules and regulations

  1. Loud noises and disturbances are prohibited between 22.00-07:00. Any activities that might interfere with the peace, comfort or convenience of other Tenants living in and around the residence are strictly forbidden.
  2. Smoking is NOT allowed inside accommodations, buildings, on balconies, near entrances, windows, or ventilation shafts. The Tenant is liable for costs for restoring or cleaning the accommodation from smells and residues caused by smoking.
  3. Pets are NOT allowed in the accommodation or the building. If the Tenant is in need of a service animal, they must contact LU Accommodation and discuss arrangements before accepting these terms.
  4. Defrost refrigerators and freezers regularly in their accommodation or shared spaces. Do NOT hack off ice in the freezer since this can damage the freezer coils.
  5. Separate garbage and waste in accordance with LU Accommodation’s instructions. It is prohibited to leave any garbage outside of the designated bins/containers in the respective recycling/garbage rooms.
  6. Bicycles must be parked in bicycle stands or garages at all times. Tenants not respecting this regulation risk having their bicycle/s removed.

Pest Control

  1. Follow all LU Accommodation procedures regarding vermin infestation; if all instructions are followed, costs for pest control will be free of charge.
  2. Check for vermin regularly and report to LU Accommodation immediately if an infestation is suspected. 
  3. Do NOT bring in used furniture that might carry the risk of vermin infestation, or cause marks and damages, into the building.
  4. Do NOT move furniture, clothes or bed linen to other spaces, if there is a suspected or confirmed infestation (minimize spread).

Contact details

LU Accommodation Sofieberg reception entrance; a wood-covered concrete bench in front of a door in a glass wall. Photo by Mikko Jokela Måsbäck.
LU Accommodation Sofieberg reception entrance (click to enlarge)

Student Accommodation

Address: Tunavägen 20, Lund


luacc [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se (luacc[at]service[dot]lu[dot]se)

Phone hours

046-222 08 00

Our phone hours are:
Mon-Fri: 09:00 to 11:00 (AM, CEST)

For disturbances outside of office hours, call the same number and press 1 to get connected to our on-call security firm.

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