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Ideon Student House

From Ideon Student House it is just a brief stroll to the Faculty of Engineering, The School of Economics & Management and all the cutting-edge development companies at Ideon.

To compare different housing prices, sizes etc. please follow the link below:

About Ideon Student House

Due to the corridor layout LU Accommodation recommends that you enjoy social interaction if you want to stay here. Ideon Student House have many and large common areas which both offer great places for interaction and challenge tenants to cooperate.

Total units:

39 corridor rooms with private WC/shower. 1 two bedroom apartment, 1 one bedroom apartment. The maximum amount of beds/tenants in this housing area is 43.

Shared areas:

At Ideon Student house all tenants in the corridor rooms and the one bedroom apartment (41 people) shares one kitchen with with four stoves. There is also a large hang out area on the bottom floor and a sauna on the top floor.

Rent range (estimated):

Corridor rooms: Between SEK 4441 - SEK 4867 per month

Room in a two bedroom apartment: SEK 5262 per person, per month

One bedroom apartment (old suite, shared kitchen): SEK 8000 per month (half amount per person).

Size of rooms:

Corridor rooms:18 - 25 square metres

Two bedroom apartment: 93 square metres (total area)

One bedroom apartment: 42 square metres (total area)

Tenants of the building:

Only international students live in this housing area

Owner of the building:

Lapsana Lund AB

Emergencies & disturbances outside office hours:

Call LU-Security 046-222 08 00

Distance to the centre of Lund:

Approximately 2 km

Commute to Campus Helsingborg:

The commuting time to Campus Helsingborg is approximately 60 minutes. The monthly commuting cost to Campus Helsingborg, with a student discount, is SEK 900.

Commute to Malmö (Triangeln):

The commuting time to Malmö (Triangeln station) is approximately 40 minutes. The monthly commuting cost to Malmö (Triangeln station), with a student discount is SEK 652.


Internet is wireless and is included in the rent. The internet provider is Bahnhof.


At Ideon Student House you receive a hotel key card or a normal key, and a code to the front door. You can find more information about keys through the link below:

Nearest supermarket:

ICA Tuna

How to report a fault or problem in your room:

Report your problem online on our website:


Ideon Student House



Sölvegatan 30, 223 62 Lund