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Room Inspection

A few weeks before the end date of your contract, LU Accommodation will send you an email with important information about the departure process. The email will contain detailed information about how to clean your room/apartment thoroughly to the required standard. Should you depart more than one month before your contract is due to end, contact LU Accommodation ( for further information.

Room inspection

  • The room inspection is conducted after the departure of the tenant.
  • The purpose of the room inspection is to assess the cleaning and the condition of the room.
  • If the tenant has failed to clean properly or if there are any damages to the room, the costs for the cleaning company and/or repairs will be deducted from the deposit. The tenant will be informed via email about the inspection and the deposit refund.
  • The inspectors will use a checklist for the inspection to assess the following:
    - inventory items, equipment and surfaces (i.e.floors, cupboards, doors)
    - the living environment of the room/apartment (i.e. ventilation, dampness)
    - electrical and fire safety, e.g. signs of waterdamage
    - if there is any need for maintenance
    - that everything is thoroughly cleaned and tidy
  • Please note that it is the inspector from LU Accommodation who decides whether a room or apartment has been cleaned properly.


LU Accommodation Student

The picture shows Sofieberg which is both a housing area and where LU Accommodation has its office

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