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Returning keys

For students in Malmö/Lund:


Keys should be returned latest by 12.00 (noon) on the final date of your contract, or as agreed with LU Accommodation.


At the reception of LU Accommodation, Tunavägen 20



  • During visiting hours - Return the keys at our reception desk (Tunavägen 20)
  • Outside visiting hours - Return the keys via the key return chute which can be found approximately three meters to the right of the entrance to our reception at Tunavägen 20.


 It is important that you return all keys and or tags that were issued to you on your arrival. It is equally important that you do not return the keys in an envelope or plastic bag when using the key return chute. Using an envelope or plastic bag will lead to blockages in the key return chute.

Please note:

  • Returning your keys means that you are obliged to return all keys and other items belonging to your set of keys. What belongs to a set of keys varies but it can, for example, be a laundry lock, laundry key, key finder tag, laundry tag, balcony key, etc.
  • Please note that the keys remain your responsibility until they are received by LU Accommodation.

For Students at Helsingborg:



The keys should be left on the last day of your contract at 12:00 (noon) at the latest.



Keys are to be returned to the reception at Campus Helsingborg or to the reception of LU Accommodation in Lund:


1. Return keys in Helsingborg: Universitetsplatsen 2

Put the keys in an envelope with your name and room number and return them to the Helsingborg Campus reception during their visiting hours.

2. Return keys in Lund: Tunavägen 20
Return them at our reception desk during visiting hours or through the key return chute at any time. No envelopes please.



A set of keys

Laundry lock

A picture of a laundry lock and key

Laundry tag

A pciture of a laundry tag

Keyfinder tag

A picture of a key finder tag