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Home insurance

Incoming students to Lund University are covered by the ‘Student IN’ or ‘FAS+’ insurance through the state insurance agency Kammarkollegiet.

The term ‘incoming students’ is used to describe students who have moved to Sweden in order to study and have their long term home address in a country other than Sweden.

Please read more about insurance here.

Other incoming guests, staff and interns with no Swedish personal number from the Tax Office are covered by 'Insurance for foreign visitors' (formerly GIF) through Kammarkollegiet. Please read more about that here.

The insurance offered by ‘Student IN’, ‘FAS+’ and ' Insurance for foreign visitors ' has a property cover as well as a liability cover. The property and liability cover in this insurance can be equated to a home insurance policy issued by a private insurance company.

Incoming students and others that are covered by ‘Student IN’, ‘FAS+’ and 'Insurance for foreign visitors' through Kammarkollegiet that have a housing contract with LU Accommodation do not therefore need to obtain a separate home insurance through a private insurance company in Sweden.

Personal injury insurance

All students at Lund University, including non-incoming students are also covered by a personal injury insurance:

Please note, that this insurance does not have a property or liability cover. Non-incoming students are therefore recommended to obtain a home insurance policy through a private home insurance company independently.


If you are unsure if you are classified as incoming or not, or if you have other questions about insurance, please contact the Student Insurance Coordinator Ylva Sörhede studentinsurance [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se

LU Accommodation Student

The picture shows Sofieberg which is both a housing area and where LU Accommodation has its office

LU Accommodation - Student
Address: Tunavägen 20 Lund
Telephone: 046 - 222 01 00

Telephone Hours: Monday - Friday: 09:00-12:00

Email: luacc [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se