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Terms and conditions of a reservation of accommodation

These are the terms the host department or similar commit to when reservering a room/apartment for a visiting guest:


  • The host department is responsible for their guest as well as act as a guarantor.

  • When we have reserved a room or apartment for your guest researcher we will send you a confirmation of the booking. Please read it carefully to make sure the details are correct.

  • The guest cannot move in before 12:00 (noon) on the start date of the contract. If the 1st of a month occur on a Saturday, Sunday or on a public holiday it is the next coming weekday that is the start date of the contract. Upon request the contact person from the host department can collect the keys on behalf of the guest and hand them over to the guest. The keys can however not be collected before the start date of the contract.

  • If the booking needs to be cancelled before the guest researcher has moved in you need to notify us (in writing) two full calendar months' before the start date of the contract. Example: If the start date of the contract is the 1st of July you need to notify us no later than the 30th of April. Please note: If a cancellation is not made in time, rent will be charged the guest or the host department.

  • All guests will sign a housing contract with LU Accommodation.This is usually done when the guest comes to collect the keys for the room/apartment. If you want to know what your guest is signing up for, you´ll find the Terms and conditions of the contract here.

  • We will expect all our tenants to clean the room/apartment thorougly before moving out. We ask the tenant to contact LU Accommodation well in time before departure to arrange an appointment for a mandatory inspection of the room/apartment. The tenant is responsible for leaving the room/apartment properly cleaned and in good condition. If the room/apartment is not clean when leaving, we will charge the tenant or the host department for the costs of cleaning.

  • Keys should be returned to the reception at University Guesthouse (Tunavägen 39) no later than 12:00 (noon) on the last day of the contract. We strongly recommend the guest to hand in the keys herself/himself. If the reception is closed keys should be dropped in the letterbox on the right hand side of our entrance at Tunavägen 20. The letterbox is marked "LU Accommodation". If keys are not returned, the guest or the host department will be charged the cost for a lock change.


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Between the 17th of June up until the 9th of August, our reception will be open Monday: 13.00 - 15:00 and Friday: 13:00 - 15:00

Email: researcherhousing [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se

For emergencies or disturbances outside of office hours that can not wait until the following day, please contact LU-Security +46 46 222 08 00