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Folkets Park

View the location of Folkets Park here.


Total units:

24 studio flats, 6 one bedroom apartments

Minimum tenancy:

2 months

Maximum tenancy:

12 months

Suitable for:

A one bedroom apartment is suitable for one person or a couple. A studio flat is suitable for one person.

Size of apartments:

22 - 42 square metre


Approx. 5.464 - 8.085 SEK per month



Distance to the center of Malmö:

Approximately 2 km


Internet is included in the rent. Just plug in your computer to the network socket in your room using a network cable. If one outlet does not connect, please try the other one.


The laundry room is located in the basement. In the corridor beside the stairs, you will find a large elevator. You will reach the basement by pressing -1. You can also use the staircase. You then use your tag to enter the corridor leading to the laundry room. Beside the laundry room there is a booking board. By using the tag you book your laundry session. Instructions in English is available.


Your letterbox is located in the entrance of your building on ground floor. Your letterbox will be marked with your apartment number. Please put your name tag on it or else you will not receive post

Waste disposal:

It is important to sort and re-cycle your waste carefully. The proper containers for separation will be found in the courtyard, in a small building to your right. To open the building you use the tag. You gain access to the courtyard by using the large elevator or staircase.

Nearest supermarket:

Coop Konsum at Norra Parkgatan 1

How to report a fault or problem in the apartment:

Report the problem online by filling out a fault report here.

Emergencies & disturbances outside office hours:

Call LU-Security 046-222 08 00

Page Manager:

Folkets Park

Folkets park ytterdörr

Folkets park framsida

Folkets park

Address: Spångatan 37 B, 211 53 Malmö

Please note: The apartments look different inside and are not uniform to each other. Furniture can vary and be replaced over time.

Folkets park

Apartment B 1111

Folkets park

Apartment B 1312

Folkets park

Apartment B 1414

Folkets park

Apartment B 1401

Folkets park

Apartment B 1419