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Update on the application process

Blooming trees outside the Economy department
Spring at the Economy department. Photo: Louise Larsson

This is an update for everyone having questions regarding the application for the autumn.

In short, it’s the first application period we have in our new housing system, it was the first time we randomized the queue time on the first day, and it’s the first time both me and my colleague has been chiefly responsible for the student application process. All of this has meant some people’s priorities were not set up correctly from the start, some received a queue time before we opened the queue, and some people slipped through that are not allowed to have housing with us.

In the last few days, due to trying to correct everyone’s priority status and queue time, your queue position can have fluctuated sometimes hundreds of places, even if you directly haven not received a new queue time or a change in priority. We are sorry for the confusion this has caused. We are now confident that your queue time and priority status is correct.  

We aim to start allocating housing and sending out offers next week. Once the first round of offers has gone out, we will email everyone in the queue that has not received an offer about what happens next. We will set up new batches of housing after this first one is finished, to offer more chances of housing, but they will not be nearly as large as this first one.

It is important to note that not all students with housing guarantee might receive a housing offer in this first batch. We aim to have sent at least one offer for all the guaranteed students before the end of July. 

Some clarification of terms:
Queue date: This is the day you joined the queue. Every day after the queue date, you receive one point to your queue points.
Queue points: a hidden point total, that determines where in the queue you end up. Consists of a priority status bonus, and the number of days in the queue.
Queue time: For everyone with the same queue points, the time is used to order the people in the queue. If you joined the first day of the application, the time was randomized, to make it fairer for everyone applying independently of where in the world you apply from.
Queue position: Your current position in the queue. Depends on your queue points and queue time.