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Autumn Application Closed; What happens now?

A large white analog clock suspended from a brick wall. Photo by Lund University

The first round of application for autumn semester accommodation has now closed. LU Accommodation will verify all applications, and then start sending out offers. Offers are projected to be sent out within two weeks.

On 23rd May, the application for the first round of available housing for Autumn 2024 was closed. In the next step of the process, the following will happen:

  • LU Accommodation will verify all applications, and confirm housing eligibility and priority.
  • Then, LU Accommodation will send out a first round of offers to those in first positions in the queue.
  • Any rejected housing offers will be sent out again, to the next applicants in the queue.
  • A new batch of available housing will be published sometime in June, including recent cancellations, and any housing options that were rejected by multiple applicants from round one.

Below, we explain each step in detail, and what it means for our applicants, followed by a section describing what applicants need to do now. The most important advice we have for all applicants, is to look for housing simultaneously through as many services as possible.

At this point, it is still possible to join the housing queue, but late applicants won't be able to apply for available housing until the second batch, predicted to be published in mid June.

Application verification

LU Accommodation are now going through all 1900+ applications, verifying their study acceptance, housing priority level, and tuition fee payment status. This is prewieved to be finished by next week.

Any applicants whose status is changed, will be informed via e-mail, and be given a couple of days time to respond if further proof of eligibility is needed.

Housing offers

If you receive a housing offer

Housing offers will be sent out within the next 2 to 3 weeks. Applicants who receive an offer have 5 days to log on to their account, review their offer, and accept or reject it.

An applicant who rejects an offer is removed from the housing queue. They are welcome to join the queue again, but will not receive any guarantee or priority, as this is only applied to one offer of housing.

An applicant who accepts the offer will be sent a housing contract from LU Accommodation's digital contract service provider, Scrive. Once they have digitally signed the contract, the booking is confirmed, and they will be able to begin the arrival process.

If you do not receive an offer

LU Accommodation has received 1918 applications for autumn accommodation 2024, and the first batch of available accommodation contained 759 vacant accommodations. This means that the majority of applicants will not receive an offer in the first round. 

As soon as LU Accommodation has confirmed all applications, offers for the 759 accommodations will be sent out via e-mail and on the housing account. All applicants who do not receive an offer will receive an e-mail update when the last offer for the first round has been sent out. Such applicants may still receive offers of housing later, for offers that have been rejected.

Subsequent rounds of housing offers

If a housing offer is rejected, it will be sent to the next eligible applicant in the housing queue. We aim to send these out as soon as we receive notice of the rejection, but at least once a week.

New batches of available housing

LU Acccommodation continually receives cancellations from current tenants, and from applicants who have signed a contract, but changed their plans. Any such recent vacancies will be published in new batches of available housing, also including any housing options that have been repeatedly rejected in the first batch.

We preview that we will publish one such batch each in June, July and early August. As this is the first time we are testing a new application procedure, we cannot accurately predict how many accommodations will form part of these later batches, but we suspect it will be very few.

No Arrival Day Lottery

Applicants who are aware of how previous year's applications have gone may be aware that we have had a lottery on Arrival Day in August. This will not be held this year, we will instead keep publishing batches of available housing to the queue.

What to do now?

All applicants are urged to keep close watch on their registered e-mail account (the one registered in Solemove, or the LU Student account), and to log in regularly to their housing account.

All applicants are also urged to look for housing through any and alla available channels, especially the student unions' website BoPoolen, and AF Bostäder, the biggest student accommodation provider.

For more information, please go through the housing checklist from BoPoolen: