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FAQ Information about COVID-19


A image saying "I'm so tired of corona! We all are! But it still hasn't gone away so keep on keeping a distance!"


LU Accommodation strongly advice against spreading any rumors regarding people who might or might not have CoVid-19 and their behavior since the rumors in themselves might not represent the reality of the situation.



The following information is crucial and LU Accommodation requires all tenants to read and follow the decisions made by the Swedish Government and the Swedish Health Control Department.  


Picture with text: Avoid all contact with those outside of where you live. We all need to help out to stop the spead! Stay home!

Gatherings are forbidden

All gatherings are currently forbidden that contain more than 8 people. The Swedish government has been clear in saying that people living in Skåne should only spend time (indoors) with the people that they live with. You should therefore not invite people that you do not live with to a dinner. If you stay in a corridor, spend time with the people that you share the common areas with but do not bring people outside within the corridor.

Due to this LU Accommodation will be required to be very strict regarding the consequences of arranging parties that create an environment that allows the CoVid-19 virus to spread. Please see the terms and conditions that prohibit disturbance after 22.00 in the evening. Please do report any parties to our Security company on +46 46 222 0800 as we need their objective report of which housing and person is arranging parties so we can act to prevent future disturbance. 

Living alone

If you live alone you are allowed to pick two to three people and stick to meeting only them. The recommendation is to create a bubble where you only put the same people at risk for infection throughout this period.  

Meeting friends outdoors

Meeting a friend outside is something that all people living in Skåne will still be allowed to do. To take a walk with a friend or enjoying a fika/lunch outdoors is therefore still allowed.

No gym

Do not go to the gym during this period or any similar activity where many people are crowded in small areas. But feel free to go for runs, walks and for your physical training outdoors!

The key to successfully minimizing the spread of this virus relies on everyone participating in all the efforts that the nation, regional and municipal governance stipulate. We have to act together to prevent this disease to win.  

LU Accommodation:

Fault report made by LU Accommodation

The caretakers will only enter housing without you present. If you are at home when the caretaker comes please open the window as fully as possible to air your housing and wait outside to minimize contact. If this is not possible the caretakers will not be able to solve your fault.

LU Accommodation phone accessibility

To comply with Lund University CoVid-19-directives LU Accommodation has minimal staff at the office and therefore cannot keep the phone lines open for the time being. We do our best to answer your queries through email as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience and your efforts in getting through this pandemic!  


Picture with text: Avoid using prublic transportation to reduce the spread of Cov-19!

How should I conduct myself

as a Lund University student during the Covid-19 pandemic?

  • Follow recommendations from Sweden’s Public Health Agency, which include staying home when you are ill, and practicing social distancing and good hand hygiene
  • Stay updated on Lund University’s Corona decisions and guidelines. Check The University’s handling of the coronavirus and Coronavirus (Covid-19) information for students.
  • Go home directly if you are feeling even slight symptoms and keep a distance from others
  • Call the Swedish Health Services 1177 at +46 771 1177 00  for any medical advice if you are feeling ill or suspect that you may have been infected by Covid-19 (call 112 in an emergency)
  • Stay in contact with your programme or course coordinator if you are sick and may miss some classes
  • Follow any instructions from your faculty, department or programme staff
  • Do your part in keeping your fellow students, staff members and the society safe
  • If you live in a shared apartment or corridor, discuss with your housemates how you will handle any cases of Covid-19 in your accommodation and how you can best help to keep each other safe and healthy
  • Help any fellow students in need if you can by buying groceries or handling other urgent practical matters for them when they are ill
  • Contact the Lund University Student Health Counselling if you need to talk to someone about stress or mental health issues
  • If you have been sick, don’t go back to class until you have been completely well for at least two days

Living in shared accommodation

If someone in your corridor seems to be ill, be a good friend and ask if there is anything you can help them with. Maybe they can’t shop for food or need some other kind of assistance. You are most welcome to contact your landlord with any questions or to seek advice. They are there to support you and your neighbors. If anyone in the corridor is being treated badly and it cannot be sorted out amongst residents, you have to ask for help.


If anything happens in your corridor that makes you feel uncomfortable, you have to contact LU Accommodation office. If it is after office hours you can contact the security office; +46 (0)46-222 08 00.


An image saying: "I can't take any more social distancing. You don't have to stop seeing people, just keep a physical distance! 1,5 meters to reduce the risk of infection!"

Parties or large gatherings

In my student corridor there have been gatherings which include a lot of students who don’t live there. What can I do?

If anything happens in your corridor that makes you feel uncomfortable, you have to contact LU Accommodation office. If it is after office hours you can contact the security office; +46 (0)46-222 08 00.

According to the current CoVid-19 situation LU Accommodation strongly advise from any kind of partying or large gatherings. But we do advise that the corridor (if you are not sick) do live together and keep being social as you are each other’s corridor mates.

Information regarding CoVid-19

Does LU Accommodation answer questions regarding COVID-19?

The information regarding the Corona-virus is handled by a special operational group at Lund University. The reason for this is to minimize misunderstandings and disinformation.

Where do I turn to find the right information?

There are information channels at Lund University that are updated daily:

The latest updates:

Information regarding international students and frequestly asked questions:


If you have any questions that are not answered on the Lund University websites FAQ or updates you can direct an e-mail to studentreception [at] lu [dot] se for more information.


An image saying: "I just have a small tickle in my throat, but ut should be okay to cgo out with the group. I see them all the time anyway? If you have any symptoms, stay home!""

Where do I turn if I feel anxious regarding COVID-19?

The Student Counselling Website has valuble information and tips for students experiencing anxiety regarding the Corona virus:

We also have more information regarding the topic of anxiety here.

Ending a housing contract

Contact your landlord if you want to end your housing contact. The notice-period should be clearly stipulated in your housing contract. If you have questions about the payment of your rent or how to make a formal notice that you are ending your tenancy please contact LU Accommodation office on luacc [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se.

If you are an incoming exchange student you can check with your home university for insurance cover and how your Erasmus scholarship is affected.

For other students that have returned home due to decisions taken by home country's government or home University, check with your Embassy in Sweden or home University if there is a fund or general insurance that will cover your remaining costs of living in Sweden.

Staying longer in Sweden

At this point no one knows what the situation around the world will be in a few months. To focus on practical matters, often there is no problem arranging an extension of a housing contract for parts of the summer. Get in touch as soon as possible, by emailing luacc [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se, or apply for an extension following the information sent to you, or as described on our website.



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