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Spoletorp South

Located in the central and busy part of the town and with a very convenient distance to the trainstation, Spoletorp South stands out as a popular and highly requested housing area among our applicants. Over the last 15 years Spoletorp South has hosted international students from all over the world and its popularity does not seem to decrease.

►  NB: Spoletorp South is primarily a housing area for Master students. This student group will be prioritised here.


Total units:

117 corridor rooms with private WC/shower. The maximum amount of beds/tenants in this housing area is 117.

Rent range (subject to changes):

Approximately SEK 3968 per month.

Size of rooms:

14 square metres

Tenants of the building:

Only international students live in this housing area

Owner of the building:

Lunds Kommunala Fastigheter (LKF)

Emergencies & disturbances outside office hours:

Call LU-Security 046-222 08 00

Distance to the centre of Lund:

Approximately 200 metres

Commute to Campus Helsingborg:

The commuting time to Campus Helsingborg is approximately 40 minutes. The monthly commuting cost to Campus Helsingborg, with a student discount, is SEK 875.

Commute to Malmö (Triangeln):

The commuting time to Malmö (Triangeln station) is approximately 25 minutes. The monthly commuting cost to Malmö (Triangeln station), with a student discount is SEK 615.


Internet is included in the rent. The internet provider is Bahnhof. To have access, just connect your computer to the socket in the wall (cable is not included).

Nearest supermarket:

ICA Malmborgs, Clemenstorget

How to report a fault or problem in your room:

Report your problem online by filling out the fault report-form.

Additional Information:

Please note that the building is not sound proof. It is very important that you do not disturb your neighbours, neither during night time nor day time. Doors into corridors within the building need to remain closed at all times. You are under no circumstances allowed to place items between the door and the frame to keep the doors open between corridors. Regular check ups will be carried out during the semester to ensure the rules stated here are observed by all tenants in the building.

Click here to view or download the map of our housing areas in Lund.


Spoletorp South

spoletorp south

Spoletorp south text


Britta Holmströms gata 2 - 4, 222 20 Lund