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News updates from 2020

2020-11-25 CoVid-restrictions

Dear tenants,

Yesterday new restrictions started to apply in Sweden and Skåne in regards to the CoVid-19 pandemic. The new restrictions are not recommendations but musts, and will apply for 4 weeks from now.  

The following information is crucial and LU Accommodation requires all tenants to read and follow the decisions made by the Swedish Government and the Swedish Health Control Department.  


Gatherings are forbidden

Between the 24 November and 22 December all gatherings are forbidden that contain more than 8 people. The Swedish government has been clear in saying that people living in Skåne should only spend time (indoors) with the people that they live with. You should therefore not invite people that you do not live with to a dinner. If you stay in a corridor, spend time with the people that you share the common areas with but do not bring people outside within the corridor.

Due to this LU Accommodation will be required to be very strict regarding the consequences of arranging parties that create an environment that allows the CoVid-19 virus to spread. Please see the terms and conditions that prohibit disturbance after 22.00 in the evening. Please do report any parties to our Security company on +46 46 222 0800 as we need their objective report of which housing and person is arranging parties so we can act to prevent future disturbance.  

Living alone

If you live alone you are allowed to pick two to three people and stick to meeting only them. The recommendation is to create a bubble where you only put the same people at risk for infection throughout this period.  

Meeting friends outdoors

Meeting a friend outside is something that all people living in Skåne will still be allowed to do. To take a walk with a friend or enjoying a fika/lunch outdoors is therefore still allowed.

No gym

Do not go to the gym during this period or any similar activity where many people are crowded in small areas. But feel free to go for runs, walks and for your physical training outdoors!

The key to successfully minimizing the spread of this virus relies on everyone participating in all the efforts that the nation, regional and municipal governance stipulate. We have to act together to prevent this disease to win.  

LU Accommodation:

Fault report made by LU Accommodation

The caretakers will only enter housing without you present. If you are at home when the caretaker comes please open the window as fully as possible to air your housing and wait outside to minimize contact. If this is not possible the caretakers will not be able to solve your fault.

LU Accommodation phone accessibility

To comply with Lund University CoVid-19-directives LU Accommodation has minimal staff at the office and therefore cannot keep the phone lines open for the time being. We do our best to answer your queries through email as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience and your efforts in getting through this pandemic!  



Our system is currently being updated. As a result of this the housing account can currently not be accessed.

2020-10-27 New rules within Region Skåne

Harsher recommendations to stop the spread of infection in Skåne 

Folkhälsomyndigheten (the authority of public health) has today together with the infection control physician in Region Skåne decided to harden the recommendations for residents and visitors in Skåne. Everyone is requested to avoid stores and public transportation and only meet people that they normally see.

The informaiton above and more is available in on our website.

2020-10-21 New rules within Region Skåne from 15 October

If you live with someone with Covid-19, or have had close contact with someone with the infection, you may have been exposed to the virus and must follow certain rules. In this case, you are to avoid contact with other people for at least seven days. This means that you must study from home, you must not travel by bus or train, and visit the grocery store or pharmacy only if you really need to. You also should take a Covid-19 test.


LU Accommodation is currently in the process of proquiring one or several new cleaning companies. This process will finsish during October and in November new prices will therefore apply.


Today there was an article in the newspaper Sydsvenskan regarding false fire drills happening in Lund.

Two men dressed in yellow vests have shown up at corridor housings at AF Bostäder claiming that there is a fire drill and asking all tenants to leave. Items have then been stolen from the people living in the corridors.

LU Accommodation is therefore sending out this e-mail to inform tenants that when LU Accommodation perform fire drills, there is always a housing officer present if you are required to leave the accommodation and you can always ask them to show both an ID Card and a LU Staff Card to make sure that the fire drill is indeed organized by us. Should the people performing such a thing refuse to do so you are under no obligation to follow their instructions.

Sometimes we have technicians entering to perform maintenance on the fire alarm system. This people work for different companies but they will never ask you to leave the accommodation.

We also want to remind our tenants not to let outsiders into the building, and not to prop open doors. Since we have passage systems to enter all corridors no one should be able to enter unless they have access. Valuables should always be stored in your own rooms, for safety.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, you are welcome to contact us on luacc [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se (luacc[at]service[dot]lu[dot]se)

To read more about fire safety please tur here.


The application period has now opened for Exchange students, Study Abroad students and International Credit Mobility students. More information can be found here.


This website has now been updated with an accessibility statement. LU Accommodation will be working with improving the website's accessibility and the statement can be found here.


A new post-Arrival Day waiting list has now been created

All LU Accommodation housing applicants, still searching for a permanent accommodation solution, can now sign up for the new post-Arrival Day waiting list by visiting our reception during our visiting hours.

The online, pre-Arrival day waiting list is no longer valid and has been replaced with this new waiting list, for which you can only register in person at our reception. 

2020-08-10 LU Accommodation Housing Lottery

If there are any unassigned rooms on Wednesday the 19th of August, after Arrival Day. They will be made available through the Housing Lottery.

Experience tells us there will be just a few, but any available rooms will be offered to students as follows:

Between 13:00 o'clock (1:00 PM) and 14:00 o'clock (2:00 PM) numbers will be drawn to newly admitted international bachelor, master or exchange students to Lund University who are physically present in Gasquesalen on Kårhusets first floor and have:

        - submitted an online housing application

        - photographic ID and

        - their Letter of Acceptance or Notification of Selection Results 

The numbers are randomly assigned, so regardless of what time you are assigned it does not affect your chances of getting an accommodation.

You can only participate in the lottery if you are physically present. You can only draw one number, and only for yourself.

At 14:00 o'clock (2:00 PM), based on the numbers, a drawing will be made and students will have the possibility to book the available rooms. The student with the lowest number will be the first in line. 

We do not know at this moment which housing options will be available at the lottery.

The reason we are arranging the lottery after the Arrival Days is to ensure that all students without housing that arrive on Arrival Day will have the same opportunity to take part of the this housing lottery. We do understand that the lottery is at the same time as a introduction activity and unfortunately this was unavoidable, we hope you understand.

New Waiting List is Created

When all the vacant rooms have been chosen and reserved, the remaining students will be put on a new waiting list, following the order established through the lottery.

From that moment, this will be the new, valid waiting list. If you arrive after 14:00 o'clock (2:00 PM), you will be able to sign up for the new waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you arrive after the Housing Lottery, you can still sign up on this new waiting list by visiting our reception.

The online waiting list (that you are currently on) will cease to exist and will be replaced with this new waiting list, for which you can only register in person. 

Temporary Emergency Housing

This is for students who do not have housing secured after our lottery.

BoPoolen will have a list of volunteers who agreed to host one or more students for a short period of time (single days up to a week or two), until a long-term solution is found. 

Help a fellow student

If you do not need our assistance anymore, please let us know so we can remove your application from the waiting list and thus provide faster service for other students in need of accommodation. 

Arrival later during the fall semester

If you arrive to Lund University later in the fall term (October, November or December) let us know!

Also, if you already know that you will not come to Lund University physically at all, please let us know so we do not continue sending you irrelevant emails throughout the fall term.


The reception will reopen on the 10th of August.

2020-04-09 Reception Closed

Due to health and safety reasons following COVID-19,
our reception will be closed until further notice.

To protect our staff, we will also unfortunately not be reachable via telephone
during this period, and we ask you to please contact us via e-mail in the meantime:

E-mail: luacc [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se (luacc[at]service[dot]lu[dot]se)

If you need to collect keys, or otherwise have a meeting in person,
please send us an e-mail to make an appointment.

Appointments will primarily be made for times during our regular
opening hours (Mon-Fri 13:00-15:00)


LU Accommodation has updated the FAQ Information about COVID-19 today with more information about housing as well as directions to where to turn for more information.


LU Accommodation would like to inform its tenants that there are no plans to cancel any contracts due to the Corona virus (COVID-19) situation. Rumor has it that if the University closes that LU Accommodation will evict their tenants, which is incorrect. LU Accommodation has no such plans.

We would like to remind all tenants to turn to the right sources for information regarding updates and frequently asked questions about COVID-19Please do so by turning to the following:

The latest updates:

Frequently asked questions:

If you have any questions that are not answered on the Lund University websites FAQ or updates you can direct an e-mail to studentreception [at] lu [dot] se (studentreception[at]lu[dot]se) for more information.


LU Accommodation sill has a couple of rooms and apartments vacant for the spring semester. To take a look at the available housing please visit


During this winter Arrival Day (2019-01-13), over 180 students collected their keys to stay with LU Accommodation.