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News updates from 2019


The yearly winter cleaning competition in most of LU Accommodation's corridor housing ended today. The winners this year was the following corridors:

Eddan C            1101 - 1106      1st Prize

Eddan D            1205-1209        1st Prize

Eddan E             1501-1506       1st Prize

North Spoletorp 1201-1206        1st Prize

South Spoletorp 2:1410-1419     1st Prize

Eddan C             1201 - 1206      2nd Prize

Eddan D             1005-1009        2nd Prize

Eddan E              1508-1513        2nd Prize

South Spoletorp  2:1301-1313     2nd Prize


The first housing offers for next semester has been sent out this week. The offers sent out cover most of the available housing for next semester. Any offers that are rejected or go unanswered will be sent out to new students who has applied for accommodation at LU Accommodation in Spring 2020 until approximately a week before Arrival Day.


The yearly winter cleaning competition in most of LU Accommodation's corridor housing was lanched today. Corridors of similar size and typ battle against each other for prices in the LU Shop.


The Applicaiton period for Master and Bachelor students is now closed.


The Applicaiton period for Master and Bachelor students is now open.


The Applicaiton period for Exchange students, Study Abroad students and International Credit Mobility students closed at 09:00. Also the Applicaiton period to request a contract extension closed at 10:00.


For students with a contract end date of 1st of January 2020, it is now possible to request a contract extension to either 31st January or 15th June 2020.


The Applicaiton period for Exchange students, Study Abroad students and International Credit Mobility students is now open. 


We have now finished sending out room offers.

If you have not received one until now, and are still looking for accommodation, we invite you to participate in the housing lottery we organise on arrival day.

Arrival Day: Tuesday 20 August, Medicon Village, 09:00–20:00.

LU Accommodation Housing Lottery

If some rooms become available later, they will be available for booking in the morning of Arrival Day.

Experience tells us there will be very few, but any available rooms will be offered to students as follows.

Between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM draws will be handed out to newly admitted international bachelor, master or exchange students to Lund University who are physically present and have:

        - submitted an online housing application

        - photographic ID and

        - their Letter of Acceptance or Notification of Selection Results

The time when you draw a number within that one hour does not affect the chances of getting a better or worse number.

You can only participate in the lottery if you are physically present. You can only draw one number, and only for yourself.

Based on the numbers, students will have the possibility to book the available rooms. The student with the lowest number will be the first in line.

New Waiting List is Created

When all the vacant rooms have been chosen and reserved, the remaining students will be put on a waiting list, following the order established through the lottery.

From that moment this will be the new waiting list. If you arrive after 10:00 AM, you will be able to sign up for the new waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis.

The online waiting list (that you are currently on) will cease to exist and will be replaced with this new waiting list, for which you can only register in person.

Temporary Emergency Housing

This is for students who do not have housing secured after our lottery.

BoPoolen will have a list of volunteers who agreed to host one or more students for a short period of time, until a long-term solution is found.



Available accommodation for the Spring 2019 term

LU Accommodation currently has a variety of vacant rooms/studios for rent during the Spring semester 2019. These rooms/studios are either available now or from the 5th February, with the contract running until the 15th of June 2019 (a Summer extension may be possible).

All of our accommodation is furnished, and kitchens are equipped for basic cooking. The rent includes internet, electricity, heating and water. In order to rent accommodation through our service you need to be registered as a full-time international student at Lund University.

If you are interested in renting a room/studio we ask that you send an email to luacc [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se and we will provide you with the link to our online housing application.

The following accommodation options are currently available:

Available from January 2019:

  • Klostergården Student House (Twin room) in Lund.
  • Furutorpsgatan (Studio Flat) in Helsingborg. .
  • Östra Vallgatan (Corridor Room) in Helsingborg.
  • Södergatan (Studio Flat) in Helsingborg.
  • Östra Torn (Room in two bedroom apartment) in Lund
  • Spoletorp South (Corridor room) in Lund.

Available from the 5th of February:

  • Bautastenen (Room in two bedroom apartment) in Lund
  • Eddan (Corridor room & Studio flat) in Lund
  • Klostergården Student House (Studio) in Lund.
  • Malmö Folkets Park (Twin room) in Malmö.
  • Södergatan (Twin room) in Helsingborg.

As stated above, the contracts are until the 15th of June 2019, a Summer extension may be possible.

The rent is different for each housing area and room type. Please e-mail us or consult the website for more information.