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First Student Housing Offers Sent!

Two people biking on a concrete road through a park. Photo by Johan Bävman.

LU Accommodation has now sent out the first 500 or so housing offers. In the beginning of next week we will send out approximately 250 more. Tenants who have not yet received an offer are urged to seek housing through other means, if they do not have a guarantee.

Today (Friday 14 June) approximately 500 housing offers were sent out. At the same time a couple dozen applications were removed from the batch as they were deemed ineligible for this round of offers. Most applicants should therefore notice that their queue place is updated.

Thanks to a few eagle-eyed applicants we have also adjusted some errors in the preliminary rents for August.

Housing offers

All applicants who have received an offer have received an e-mail informing them of this, and are urged to log in to their housing account and accept or decline the offer. If you decline your offer, you will exit the queue, and lose your guarantee or priority (if you have one). You are welcome to join the queue again, but will be in last place, following normal priority.

Search through other agencies

If you have not received an e-mail, we recommend you check your current position by logging onto your housing account. We have about 250 accommodations more in this round, and preview only a dozen or so more over the summer. 

If you do not have a housing guarantee, there is therefore very little chance that we will be able to offer you anything at this point, and if so it would most likely be at a later stage such as August.

It is therefore more important than ever that you begin searching for housing through other means, following the checklist on BoPoolen's website, making sure you apply to the lottery at AF Bostäder on 11 July, and put up wanted ads and joining queue's at the student nations.

Updated rents

Due to human error, two housing areas had incorrect preliminary rents for August 2024. The amount of the surcharge for LU Accommodation's services was incorrectly calculated for these areas, and the rents are unfortunately a little higher than advertised. We apologize for the confusion caused by this mistake. It has now been corrected, and the rent is updated on the website, our system and the housing comparison excel-file available on the website.

Affected Areas

The areas affected are Ideon Student House and Michael Hansen.

For Ideon Student House have been updated with an increase of about SEK 400-600 per month.

Updated rent for Ideon Student House

For Michael Hansen, rents have been updated with an increase of about SEK 200 per month.

Updated rent for Michael Hansen