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On this page you will find news about what's happening at LU Accommodation and our housing areas.


Available accommodation for the Spring 2019 term

LU Accommodation currently has a variety of vacant rooms/studios for rent during the Spring semester 2019. These rooms/studios are either available now or from the 5th February, with the contract running until the 15th of June 2019 (a Summer extension may be possible).

All of our accommodation is furnished, and kitchens are equipped for basic cooking. The rent includes internet, electricity, heating and water. In order to rent accommodation through our service you need to be registered as a full-time international student at Lund University.

If you are interested in renting a room/studio we ask that you send an email to luacc [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se and we will provide you with the link to our online housing application.

The following accommodation options are currently available:

Available from January 2019:

Klostergården Student House (Twin room) in Lund.
Östra Torn (Room in two bedroom apartment) in Lund
Spoletorp South (Corridor room) in Lund.

Furutorpsgatan (Studio Flat) in Helsingborg. .
Östra Vallgatan (Corridor Room) in Helsingborg.
Södergatan (Studio Flat) in Helsingborg.

Available from the 5th of February:

Bautastenen (Room in two bedroom apartment) in Lund
Eddan (Corridor room & Studio flat) in Lund
Klostergården Student House (Studio) in Lund.
Malmö Folkets Park (Twin room) in Malmö.
Södergatan (Twin room) in Helsingborg.

As stated above, the contracts are until the 15th of June 2019, a Summer extension may be possible.

The rent is different for each housing area and room type. Please e-mail us or consult the website for more information.



The post-Arrival Day waiting list

Housing applicants present at our Housing lottery on Arrival day, that did not receive a housing offer, have been placed on the post-Arrival day waiting list.

This new waiting list follows the order established through the Housing lottery process. This list is now considered as the new LU Accommodation waiting list for the Autumn 2018 academic term. If you arrived after 10:00 on the 20th of August and requested to be placed on the waiting list then you will have been signed up for the new waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis.

The online waiting list ceased to exist on the 20th August 2018 and has been replaced by this new post-Arrival day waiting list, for which you can only register in person at the LU Accommodation reception desk found at Tunavägen 20 in Lund.



LU Accommodation Housing Lottery

The last available rooms have been offered today. If, up until now, you have not received a room offer on your LU Accommodation housing account, unfortunately there weren't enough rooms for you to get an offer this semester.  If we receive late cancellations, those rooms will be offered in the morning of Arrival Day (in the AF-building on Sandgatan 2, Lund) on the 20th of August, through a lottery. Experience tells us there will be very few vacant rooms for the lottery, but any available rooms will be offered to students as follows.  


Between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM draws will be handed out to newly admitted international bachelor, master or exchange students (with studies starting at Lund University Autumn 2018) who are physically present and who have:

  1. made an application through our website:
  2. can provide photographic ID and
  3. can provide proof of admission (Letter of Acceptance or Notification of Selection Results)

Each student can only receive one draw, and only those present will receive draws. The drawn numbers are going to be random, so coming earlier than 9:00 AM will not increase your chances of getting a better number. Distribution of rooms will proceed in the order of the numbers, starting from the lowest, until the available rooms run out. Under no circumstance can anyone participate in the lottery without being physically present at the mentioned address, at the specified time.


When all the vacant rooms have been chosen and reserved, the remaining students will be put on a waiting list, following the order established through the lottery. From that moment this will be a new waiting list. If you arrive after 10:00 AM on the 20th of August, you will be able to sign up for the new waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. The online waiting list will cease to exist and will be replaced by this new waiting list, for which you can only register in person.




From the 20th of August our office at Winstrupsgatan 8 will be relocated to Sofieberg, (address: Tunavägen 20) .

For the autumn semester of 2018 we will have two new additions to our current housing areas:

  • The brand new housing area Sofieberg will have both one-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom apartments.
  • At our housing area Eddan a new building, building C, has been constructed. It has a similar layout to buildings D and E with the exception that it also has studio flats.




If you are still in need of accommodation, you are welcome to come to our reception during our visiting hours. Specific information about the type of accommodation available will be given to you when you visit our reception.

Please be aware that you will need to visit us before 15.00 Friday the 19th January 2018 if you are interested in a room/apartment. The rooms/apartments will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Only students fulfilling all of the criteria below are eligible to receive a room offer:

- You are an international student (not PhD or postdoc) currently in Lund, Malmö or Helsingborg.

- You can show your Letter of Acceptance or Notification of selection results and a passport or national ID card.

- You are prepared to sign a housing contract starting immediately.

Please note that we cannot provide housing for families.




Greenhouse is no longer a housing option offered by LU Accommodation. If you are interested in living at Greenhouse then please contact the owners of the housing area directly. Information about room availability and prices can be obtained by either sending an email to newgreenhouse [at] byggin [dot] se or by calling 046 386 070 on weekdays between 09.00 and 12.00.



Greenhouse is no longer a housing option offered by LU Accommodation. This housing area will remain active but will be administered privately.
Further information will be made available to housing applicants at a later date.


Renovation of Greenhouse

Greenhouse will be renovated during summer 2017. The rents will be adjusted accordingly.



AF Bostäder

Due to changes in the agreement between LU Accommodation and AF Bostäder, only a few rooms will be available from each housing area belonging to AF Bostäder.
You can apply for these areas in your housing application with LU Accommodation, but if you are offered a room in any of AFB's areas, the contract will be signed with AFB and not with LU Accommodation.
The contract start date for these areas is 1st August 2017. You can read more about AFB's Terms and Conditions on their webpage.
Please note that you can also make a separate housing application with AF Bostäder even if you have applied for housing through LU Accommodation.

The following housing areas belong to AF Bostäder:

  • Delphi
  • Kämnärsrätten
  • Parentesen
  • Sparta
  • Ulrikedal
  • Vildanden



  • Brunnsbo will not be available to apply for starting from Spring 2017.


  • Eddan is a new housing area that was finished during summer 2016. It is a housing area with 119 corridor rooms with private WC/shower and shared kitchen. Read more here!

Spoletorp South and North

  • From August 2015 all Master degree students, Bachelor degree students and international course students (applied through are prioritized for accommodation at Spoletorp South and Spoletorp North. Our purpose is to create a calm and study oriented environment in two of our most central housing areas. When you apply for accommodation you will be asked to state five housing preferences. We suggest that Spoletorp South or North is one of these five!


  • Margaretavägen is a housing area for students with ambitions to study and succeed and therefore in need of a calm atmosphere. If this is what you are looking for, make sure to have Margaretavägen as your first preference.


LU Accommodation Student


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Telephone: +46 (0)46-2220100
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