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Corridor contacts



What is a corridor contact?

  • A corridor contact is someone living on the corridor that has a little more responsibility for the common areas. They liaise with LU Accommodation about certain issues relating to the maintenance and upkeep of these areas.
  • She/he will have the main responsibility to establish routines which will lead to all tenants contributing to the upkeep of the common areas.
  • She/he will aid LU Accommodation in the preparations for the outgoing students (inspections etc.) and also help integrate newly arrived tenants into the established routines.

Why should I become a corridor contact?

The corridor contact is an important part of creating a pleasant housing environment for all tenants.
All corridor contacts that fulfill their commitments will receive advantages for their efforts.

How can I become a corridor contact?

If you wish to become the corridor contact for the corridor where you live, contact LU Accommodation (luacc [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se) and we will assist you.


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