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Terms and conditions

Once you have signed a housing contract with us you have agreed to follow the Terms and conditions of LU Accommodation. As your landlord, we are bound to follow the Residential Tenancies Act and you as a tenant are bound to follow the conditions of your contract.

Rental period, costs, inspection and keys

  1. I am aware that LU Accommodation does not own the room that I rent. LU Accommodation rents the room and sublets it to me.
  2. I am obliged to pay the monthly rent on or before the last day before the turn of the month. If I fail to pay the rent before the deadline, LU Accommodation will add a late fee. If the rent and/or late fee is not paid within a, by LU Accommodation, stated period, LU accommodation also has the right to terminate the housing contract. Costs in connection with this action, (such as court costs, legal fee) will be paid by me, the tenant. My home university will be contacted as well as the local authorities if I do not fulfil this obligation. The rent is based upon the rent LU Accommodation pays for the room/apartment to the Landlord on the date of my electronic signature of this contract. If the Landlord modifies the rent after the contract start date, LU Accommodation is allowed to modify the rental fee stated in this contract accordingly.
  3. I am aware that rooms/apartments are rented for the full period stated, with payment liability independent of my arrival or departure date.
  4. I am obliged to pay a deposit of SEK 2000 upon accepting this room/apartment. A mandatory inspection of the room will be carried out in connection with my departure. I am obliged to be present if instructed by LU Accommodation. The inspectors will look for maintenance issues as well as cleanliness and ensuring all rubbish and recyclables have been removed. A failed inspection will result in our staff carrying out the necessary work which I will be charged for. The deposit will be refunded to my bank account or credit/debit card from which the payment originated, after an approved inspection of the room/apartment. We refer to our webpage for more information about how to clean your room/apartment.
  5. I am obliged to inspect the room/apartment and fill out an “inspection report” on the condition of the room/apartment. The inspection report is to be returned to LU Accommodation within three working days after my arrival. The inspection report will lead not to any reparations or replacements. If I want missing items to be replaced or problems to be fixed, I need to make a Fault report. This can be done online once I have moved in to my room.
  6. I am fully responsible for the room/apartment that I rent. I will pay repair costs for damage caused by my or my visitor’s carelessness. I understand that if this is not done, the rental contract will be terminated. I am aware that LU Accommodation does not provide insurance, which will cover the loss of my belongings. It is therefore my responsibility to acquire a suitable insurance that covers third-party liability.
  7. I understand that I do not have to cancel the contract if I intend to stay for the agreed rental period.
  8. I have the right to cancel the housing contract by giving a minimum notice period of three calendar months. This means, for example, that if I give notice of an early termination of my contract on any date during the month of November the contract will end on the 28th of February. I agree to inform LU Accommodation of my desire to shorten the contract length via an e-mail sent from my e-mail address registered with LU Accommodation.
  9. I am aware that I need to move out of my room, at the latest, on the day that the contract ends. I am aware that if I need to extend my period of accommodation I must request, in writing, to have the contract extended. An extension of the rental period is only possible if I am a student at Lund University and maximum until the end of the current Academic Year. An extension of the rental period will only be considered if I make the request at least one month prior to my original end date which appears on the contract.
  10. I am aware that LU Accommodation does not offer the possibility to move to an alternative room. If I am not content with this room/apartment I can terminate my contract with a three calendar month notice (see paragraph 8) and look for housing elsewhere. LU Accommodation however reserves the right to move me to equivalent accommodation if deemed necessary.
  11. I am aware that all rooms are single occupancy (unless otherwise stated by LU Accommodation) and that it is only permissible for the contract holder, to live there. The corridor and room or the apartment is the residence of contracted tenants only, which means that no overnight visitors and no parties are allowed. Only a person who holds a contract with LU Accommodation is allowed to reside in these premises. I am aware that I am not allowed to sublet the room/apartment.
  12. I am aware that I cannot move into the room/apartment before the start date of the rental period.
  13. I am aware that when I arrive it is only me, the tenant, that can collect the key for my room. Keys can only be collected during LU Accommodations visiting hours. I am aware that I will have to have completed the induction before collecting my key. I am aware that I have to show my passport and Letter of Acceptance when collecting my key.
  14. I will return the key to LU Accommodation latest 15.00 on the day the contract terminates. If I leave outside office hours, I will contact the office for other arrangements. If I fail to leave the keys etc., I will have to pay for a new lock and any damages caused by people who have been able to enter the room after I have left. The maximum cost for a lock change is SEK 2500.
  15. I am aware that I will be issued one set of keys for my room. I agree to contact LU Accommodation immediately after discovering that I have lost my keys. If I lose my key and it is not recovered within two weeks then I agree to pay for the cost of a lock change.
  16. I am aware that I will not receive a rent reduction for any period when the landlord carries out normal maintenance of the room, apartment or building.

Rules, Regulations and Safety

  1. Rooms/apartments are fully furnished with a bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, etc. Bed linen, towels and a shower curtain are not provided. Moving furniture between rooms/corridors/apartments is not allowed. Damaged common furniture will be replaced and the cost will debited to all the tenants in the corridor in question. Furniture for indoor use may not be taken out onto terraces or balconies. I am not allowed to make any changes in the student room/apartment without consulting LU Accommodation. Due to the risk of vermin infection I agree not to bring used furniture into my room/apartment.
  2. I am aware that I should not do anything which interferes with the peace, comfort or convenience of other tenants living in and around the residence. There should be no disturbances after 22.00. There are to be no parties or gatherings that can disturb the neighbours in the surrounding corridors or buildings. I am not only responsible for my own conduct but also for my guests’. If I invite friends home, I may be charged for damage caused by my guests. In the event of repeated disturbances, I, the tenant, will be charged the call out fee of security officers.
  3. I will follow the “Non-smoking policy” that applies in all LU Accommodations residencies. Any costs incurred for restoring/cleaning the room/apartment from cigarette smell and residue will be charged to the tenant in question. Ashtrays should be used when outdoors. Smoking outside is also prohibited when it is done near windows and ventilation shafts.
  4. I will not have any pets in the room/apartment.
  5. I am aware that the cleaning and upkeep of the room during my stay is fully my responsibility. LU Accommodation will not perform any cleaning or upkeep in my room. I am aware that the cleaning and upkeep of all common areas during my stay is both mine and my neighbours’ responsibility. LU Accommodation will not perform any cleaning or upkeep in the common areas.
  6. I am aware that LU Accommodation is permitted to perform inspections of corridors and common areas without notice.
  7. Use of the laundry rooms is free of charge. Maintenance, rules and hours of use should be respected.
  8. The accommodation areas do not have storage facilities. I will need to contact a storage company if I need to store belongings.
  9. The heating is centrally regulated and the radiators are not always on. They are only turned on when the temperature is below a certain degree. The general indoor temperature should be approximately 20 degrees celsius. If the temperature is lower than that I should make a fault report. We ask you to measure the temperature in the room before you make a fault report. Please state the temperature in your room in the fault report. Please note that none of our rooms/apartments are equipped with air-conditioning.
  10. I am aware that bicycles are to be parked in the bicycle stands or in the bicycle garage (if applicable). Fire regulations prohibit bicycle storage on corridors or rooms. Bicycles parked incorrectly will be removed.
  11. I am aware that entrances, stairwells and corridors should not be blocked, as the building must be evacuated quickly in the event of a fire or other emergencies. Objects blocking exit paths will be seized and returned at a fee. Tenants who are found to be repeatedly blocking emergency exits may have their contracts terminated. Propping corridor or main entrance doors open is prohibited for both security and fire prevention reasons.
  12. The room/apartment is equipped with a fire alarm installed in the ceiling and I am responsible to check that the alarm is working and in case it is needed, replace a battery that has lost its charge. If any fault other than dead batteries should occur, I am obliged to report this to the caretaker without delay. I will be charged for fire alarms triggered by my carelessness. It is a violation of law to tamper or remove fire alarms, sprinklers or extinguishers. I should pay special attention to the risk of activating the fire alarm when cooking. Under no circumstances am I allowed to dismantle or take down fire alarms. All appliances used in the kitchen or bathroom must have an earthed plug. Candles can cause fires if unattended and their use is strictly prohibited. More information about fire safety, evacuation routes and routines are to be found in all housing areas.
  13. I am obliged to check the room/apartment for vermin regularly and report to LU Accommodation immediately if I suspect an infestation. If infected I will make sure to minimize the spread of vermin to other rooms, by not moving furniture, clothes or bed linen. Costs for pest control will be covered by LU Accommodation. If I do not take appropriate action then my housing contract will be at serious risk. I agree to follow the procedures laid out by LU Accommodation regarding vermin infestation.


Special Rules

  1. There are some special requirements for tenants at AF Bostäder (Areas of Delphi, Kämnärsrätten, Magasinet, Parentesen, Sparta, Ulrikedal and Vildanden). As a tenant in one of the buildings of AF Bostäder, I will have access to the fault report and booking of a laundry session through their website. Login details are sent out individually to each student by e-mail. As a tenant in one of the buildings of AF Bostäder, a membership of Studentlund is required. For registration and more information please visit Studentlund's webpage. The registration is also needed for participation in the student life in Lund. If the study and membership requirements are not met (AF Bostäder checks this on an ongoing basis), a tenant may forfeit his or her tenancy contract.
  2. Special rules apply if I live in a corridor room. As a responsible corridor mate I am expected to contribute to kitchen duties. There is usually a list in the kitchen on which I can sign up for the week(s) that I will be expected to see that the kitchen and common areas are clean. I am obliged to take part in the cleaning routines for my corridor. Often the students living on the corridor have a common fund to buy common supplies. I will separate my waste in accordance with the routines in my housing area. If the cleaning of the common areas is not acceptable, a cleaning company will be called in and the cost will be charged to the tenants on the corridor.
  3. Special rules apply if I live in an apartment/studio. In apartments/studios with a kitchenette, kitchen utensils are included. I am required to use environment friendly detergents, defrost the refrigerator and freezer regularly and separate the waste according to the instructions found in the waste disposal room. Never hack off ice in the freezer since this can damage the freezer coils.
  4. Garbage and waste are to be separated in accordance with the instructions found in the waste disposal room. In corridor kitchens there are special containers for glass, plastic, metal, paper and food waste. Please note that bottles, cans and cartons should be washed and dried before placed in the containers. In all housing areas there is a recycling/garbage room where I can leave my separated garbage. It is prohibited to leave any garbage outside of the designated bins/containers.
  5. I am aware that unacceptable behaviour on my behalf, such as breaking this contract or disturbing my neighbours, will lead to my Lund University department and my home university being notified and my contract being placed at risk.


I hereby give permission to LU Accommodation and its associate to enter my room/apartment in my absence in order to carry out maintenance when necessary

Terms and conditions

terms and conditions

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