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If an item is blocking an escape route

Measures taken if an item is blocking an escape route

If an object is blocking an escape route (Stairwells, entrances, corridors), a warning message will be placed on the item. The message will contain a request for removal of the item within 24 hours, otherwise the item will be removed.

If the item is still blocking the escape route after 24 hours, it will be placed in a storage room. The item can be returned back to the tenant/owner after a full description is received, receipt must be confirmed by the tenant/owner. If it is known who owns the item, the tenant has 3 months to recover it. If the owner is unknown, the item will be stored for 6 months. After this period of time the object will be disposed of.

Fees for transportation and storage costs will be charged to the tenant/owner:

Transportation: 350 SEK
Storage: 500 SEK

If the tenant repeatedly blocks the escape routes, written notice of termination of the contract will be served.

These measures are in line with Swedish law and the rules and regulations governing Lund University.

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