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Cleaning and upkeep

Cleaning and upkeep is the student’s own responsibility.


If you are living in a shared corridor, the cleaning and upkeep is usually divided amongst the tenants on a weekly rota. Your room will be inspected in connection to your departure and if there is any damage, you will be charged for cleaning and/or repair.

No cleaning service is available in our housing areas. This means that you are responsible for the cleaning and upkeep of your room/apartment and common areas shared with other students, such as bathroom and kitchen.

Cleaning inspections are carried out by our staff during your stay and any neglect of cleaning and upkeep may lead to a withdraw of your deposit.


Watch our instruction videos below for some tips on cleaning and upkeep:

Oven instructions for Eddan


How to recycle your household waste

Click here for further recycling information


How to defrost the freezer


How to unclog the sink


Cleaning and upkeep


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