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FAQ Accept the room offer tutorial

If you are offered a room, the room offer will be sent to the email address registered in your housing application. Please also check the spam inbox regularly.
There will be a link to log on to your housing account to see and accept/reject the offer.

1. On the main page of your housing account, you can see until which date the offer is valid. If you do not accept the offer within the deadline, the room will be offered to another student.

room offer1


2. Click on view offer to see the details.

room offer2


3. Here you can see all offer details. You can choose to continue or to decline the offer. Please note that if you decline the offer, your application will be rejected and no further room offers will be made.

room offer3


4. Read through the Terms & Conditions carefully.

room offer4


5. You will need to confirm and accept that you have received all the information.

room offer5


6. Sign the contract by writing your username and password and then clicking on “Accept Offer”.

room offer6


7. You have now accepted the room offer and signed the housing contract. The next step is to pay the deposit. You can choose to pay it directly or to pay it later. Please note that the deposit needs to be paid before your arrival to Lund.

room offer7


8. On the main page of your housing account you can see all details concerning your accommodation.
Before picking up your keys you need to have completed the following three steps:

Paid the deposit
Paid the first rent
Completed the induction


room offer8


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