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Application tutorial

This tutorial will guide you through all the steps when creating your housing application.

Step 1: Register for a Student Account 

On the day and hour when the housing application opens, you will get access to the page where to log in and create the housing application. You will first need to register an account. Click the button "Register" i the box saying Register for a Student account. 


Picture: Register for an account. In order to access your Accommodation account, please register by clicking the button below. The Button is named Register


Step 2: Creat an Account

The page will ask you to write your forename and surname as stated on your passport. Once you have done this please click on the continue button.

Picture: Create an Account. Fill our your forename and surname.


Step 3: Configure your Account

Write your email address and choose a password. LU Accommodation will always contact you to this email address and the email address will also be your user name when loggin in. Once you have done this please click the button Confirm my Account.

Picture: Configure your Account. Fill our you e-mail Address, confirm the address and choose a password that is eight characters long, with a single capital letter and a single number included.


Step 4: Activation Link

After confirming your account, you will receive an activation link to your email address. Follow the instructions in this email. Your account will then be activated and you can log in.

OBS! If you did not fill out your e-mail address correctly you might need to make a new account. The message with the activation link might also end up in you spam filter so make sure to check that as well.

Picture: Already have an account? Please enter your details an click log in, the picture showing two fields, one for your Username (E-mail Address) and one for your Password.)


Step 5: Create Application

Once logged in, you need to create the housing application located to the left side on your screen. Make sure to choose the correct academic year for when you intend to study at Lund University. Click on "Create Application".

Picture of the start site on your Housing Account. On top it says My Accommodation and has for different boxes with information. From top left they are Application, Contract, Induction and My Room


Step 6: Personal details

Please fill out your personal details in the application. Once filled out press the continue button.

Picture showing the start page for applying for accommodation. On top it says My Details and below that are empty fields that need to be filled out.


Step 7: Course / Programme details

Depending on the type of student you are, the application will look a bit different.
- If you cannot find your programme in the list, choose "other" and send an email to luacc [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se informing us of the correct programme and we will change it for you.
- Exchange students: if you do not know the name of your coordinator at Lund University, please indicate in the application and update it at a later stage.

Once you have filled out the information rquired please click on the continue button.

Picture: Shows the wesbite application form part 2 About You. It shows how the application looks when filling out information about your course or programme. There are empty fields to be filled in or a option selected.


Step 8: Emergency Contact Information

Please fill out the Emergency contact information with the information of someone you prefer LU Accomodation to contact during emergiencies.

Picture: Emergency Contact Information. The picture shows how the website looks when filling out information about an emergency contact.


Step 9: Accommodation Preferences

Choose your preferences for where and in what type od Accommodationyou would like ot be staying. You will need to make 5 mandatory choices. You will also fill out what is most important to you about your housing, and there is an oppertunity to inform us about any medical conditions that should be takin in to consideration when providing you with housing. When you are done, please click on the continue button.

Picture: Accommodation Preferences. The picture shows how the website looks when filling out your five preferences for housing when making the housing application.


Step 10: Confirm Your Choices

Look through the information you have provided us, and make sure that the information stated is correct. Once you are sore that everything is correct please please agree to the terms at the bottom of the screen and click on the submit button.

Picture: Confirm your Choices. The picture shows the information the applicant has provided during the steps of creating a housing application.


Step 11: Application Confirmed

You now have a housing application with us!

Picture: Application Confirmed. The picture shows how the website looks once the application has been submitted. It states that your application has been confirmed and registered with Lund University.


LU Accommodation Student

The picture shows Sofieberg which is both a housing area and where LU Accommodation has its office

LU Accommodation - Student
Address: Tunavägen 20 Lund
Telephone: 046 - 222 01 00

Telephone Hours: Monday - Friday: 09:00-12:00

Email: luacc [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se