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Terms & Conditions- for contracts signed before 1st of September 2019

These are the terms of the housing contract if being signed before the 1st of September 2019 and all tenants commit to them when living with us.

1 §

I am obliged to pay the monthly rent on or before the last weekday before the turn of the month. If I fail to pay the rent, LU Accommodation has the right to terminate the housing contract. Costs in connection with this action,(as court costs, legal fee) will be paid by me. The rent is based upon the rent LU Accommodation pays for the room/apartment to the Landlord on the date of signature of this contract. If the Landlord modifies the rent after signing the contract, LU Accommodation is allowed to modify the rental fee stated in this contract accordingly.

2 §

I am aware that the rent always is paid per full calendar month. The monthly rent is calculated on a daily price and will therefore vary depending on the number of days per month.

3 §

I am aware that rooms/apartments are rented for full period stated, with payment liability independent of arrival/departure date.

4 §

I am fully responsible for the room/apartment that I rent. I will pay repair costs for damage caused by carelessness by me or any other person visiting. I understand that if this is not done the rental contract willbe terminated. I am aware that the LU Accommodation does not provide insurance, which will cover the loss of my belongings. It is therefore my responsibility to make sure I have a suitable insurance.

5 §

I am obliged to observe the rules within the building set up to preserve the good conditions where I rent the room/apartment. I am also aware that I should not do anything which interferes with the peace, comfort or convenience of other tenants living in and around the residece. There should be no disturbances after 22.00. There are to be no parties or gatherings that can disturb the beighbors in the surrounding corridors or buildings. I am not only responsible for my own conduct but also for my guests´. If I invite friends home, I may be charhed for damage caused by my guests. In the event of repeated disturbances, I, the tenant, will be charged the call out fee of security officers.

6 §

I am obliged to check the room for vermin regularly and report to LU Accommodation immediately if I suspect an infestation. Costs for pest control will be covered by LU Accommodation. I agree to follow the procedures laid out by LU Accommodation regarding vermin infestation.

7 §

I am aware that I´m not allowed to sublet the room/apartment

8 §

I will not have any pets in the room/apartment.

9 §

I am aware that smoking is not allowed in the room/apartment

10 §

The room/apartment is equipped with a fire alarm installed in the ceiling and I am responsible to check that the alarm is working and in case it is needed, replace old batteries. If any other fault other than old batteries would occur, I am obliged to report to the caretaker without delay.

11 §

Upon moving I will leave the room/apartment clean and in good condition. If I do not clean the room/apartment properly before departure, I/the host department will be responsible to compensate LU Accommodation for any costs for cleaning and/or repairing.

12 §

I will contact LU Accommodation upon my departure to book a time for inspection and returning the key. If I leave outside office hours, I will contact the office for other arrangements. If I fail to leave the key, I will have to pay for a new lock and damages made by people who have been able to enter the room after I have left.( Approx. cost for lock change is between SEK 1500-2500)

13 §

To cancel the contract for the apartment you have to give two full calendar months’ notice and the termination of the contract will always be at the end of a month. This means that if you give notice of an early termination of your contract in January the cancellation will take effect on the 31st of March. The cancellation shall be in writing.

14 §

In case I lose my key I need to report this to LU Accommodation as soon as possible. If the key is not recovered within two weeks I will be charged for a lock change.

15 §

I am aware that I will not receive a rent reduction for any period when the landlord carries out normal maintenance of the room, apartment or building.

 16 §

I am obliged to return the keys no later than 12:00 (12:00 noon) on the last day of the month the contract expires.


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