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The rent for the apartment is always paid during the month prior to the tenancy period. Invoices are sent out by e-mail around the 15th each month. The invoice for the month of July will thus be sent out in the middle of June etc. The invoice should be paid before the due date (no later than the last weekday of the month prior to the tenancy period).

The first Invoice

Two weeks before the start date of your booking LU Accommodation will send you your first invoice by email. The invoice has to be paid before the due date. The invoice contains all the information that is needed to make an international bank transfer from anywhere in the world. Please note that you have to pay the invoice before moving into your apartment.


How to Pay

Once in Sweden you can bring your invoice to any bank you choose in order to make the payment. Some banks accept both cash and/or credit cards but not all. If you have online banking facilities you can pay your rent to our account using our international banking details and the reference number of the invoice. All information needed will be stated on the invoice. 


Make sure to pay on time

You are obliged to pay the monthly rent on or before the last weekday before the turn of the month. If you fail to pay the rent, LU Accommodation has the right to terminate the housing contract. Costs in connection with this action, (as court costs, legal fee) will be paid by you. The rent is based upon the rent LU Accommodation pays for the room/apartment to the Landlord on the date of signature of this contract. If the Landlord modifies the rent after signing the contract, LU Accommodation is allowed to modify the rental fee stated in this contract accordingly. 


Why is the rent different from month to month?

The monthly rent varies since it is calculated on a daily price, which means that the amount on the invoice depends on the number of days per month.


What is included in the rent? 

All accommodations are fully furnished and equipped with kitchen- and household utensils. Costs for electricity, water and heating are included in the rent as well as Internet. Cleaning and upkeep are the tenants' own responsibilities and as LU Accommodation does not provide home insurance it is important for the tenant to ensure that they are covered. 

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