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Who can receive accommodation?

Our rooms and apartments can only be booked for international guest researchers visiting the University. This means that a person holding a position at Lund University (or any other Swedish university), is not eligible to receive accommodation from us.

It is common that the procedure of bringing guest researchers to Lund varies from department to department. Solutions to finances etc. may be as numerous as guest researchers visiting the university.

It is therefore the host department that takes the responsibility to deduce whether the researcher may be counted as a guest researcher or not before making a booking request with LU Accommodation. We expect that the specific situation of the researcher has been assessed accordingly to the above.


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LU Accommodation - Guest Researcher
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Regular visiting hours:
Mon - Fri 13:00 - 15:00

Email: researcherhousing [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se

For emergencies or disturbances outside of office hours that can not wait until the following day, please contact LU-Security +46 46 222 08 00

Our reception is closed the following dates:

  • 24th December
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