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Greenhouse is located in the very outskirts of Lund, surrounded by fields and with an extensive view of the southswedish scenery. Here you live together with other international students in corridors with an extensive kitchen and living room area and shared bathrooms. If you are placed here we suggest you to make good use of the buses that leave from outside the Linero ICA supermarket. These will take you everywhere you need to go including the town centre and the university. A bike is also, if not a necessity, at least very useful.

Greenhouse will be renovated during summer 2017.
The rooms will be finished before the start of the Autumn term.
The rents will be adjusted accordingly, please see below for details.


Total units:

30 corridor rooms with shared WC/shower and 1 studio flat. The maximum amount of beds/tenants in this housing area is 31.

Rent range (can be subject to changes):

Corridor room with shared WC/shower approximately SEK 3100 - 3200 / month

Studio flat: approximately SEK 3300 - 3400 / month

Size of rooms:

11 square metres

Tenants in the building:

Only international students live in this housing area

Owner of the building

Bera Elteknik AB

Emergencies & disturbances outside office hours:

Ove Linde 070-8386650

Mathias Linde 070-8323858

Andreas Linde 070-8386671

Distance to the centre of Lund:

Approximately 5 km


Internet is included in the rent. To get access you need to fill out the form that was handed out at your arrival. If you have lost the form you can find a new one in the main entrance at Greenhouse. Forms should be returned to the reception desk in the main entrance.

Nearest supermarket:

ICA Supermarket Linero, Vikingavägen 31

How to report a fault or problem in your room/apartment:

Report your problem online by filling out the fault report-form.

Additional information:

The fire alarms are sensitive and we ask you to make sure that the ventilation is sufficient during all cooking. All smoking within the building is prohibited.


Click here to view or download the map of our housing areas in Lund.






Stora Råby Byaväg 88, 224 78 Lund