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Terms and conditions

Extension of your housing contract


Student Group 1:

If you are a student completing your studies at Lund University this semester (June 2017) but would like to be able to stay for leisure reasons we can offer you to extend your housing contract.
You can request an extension of your contract until either 30th June 2017 or 15th July 2017. This means that the maximum extension period in your case is until 15th July 2017. You are required to pay for the extension period.

Please note that you will follow the same payment plan as during the Spring semester.


Deadline for requesting an extension: 13.00 CEST 21st April 2017

If you are unsure as to whether you might need an extension to your housing contract it is very important that you contact us in writing before the extension deadline. We need to know that you potentially need an extension of the housing contract for Summer 2017.
If we do not hear from you before the deadline (21st April 2017) you will not be able to extend the contract at a later date.


Student Group 2:

If you are a tuition fee paying student (read here for an explanation) you are guaranteed accommodation for the full length of your study period. Your current contract expires on the 15th June 2017.

If your programme continues in Autumn 2017 you need to contact luacc [at] before the 21st April 2017 for more information about how to extend your contract.

If you fail to contact us before the 21st April 2017 we can no longer guarantee an extension of your contract. If an extension is made for all of the Autumn term of 2017 or for the full Academic Year 2017-2018, including the summer, you will follow the same payment plan as you follow now.

Please note that you are not guaranteed accommodation for any period after your programme officially ends. You can however request to extend your contract but only for the summer period, maximum until the 15th July 2017.
If you wish to extend your contract for the summer period you will follow the terms and conditions of student group 1, see above.

Please note that we will not offer to change your accommodation during your continued tenancy with us.


Student Group 3:

If you are a student continuing your studies in Autumn 2017 but not paying tuition fees to Lund University (European master student, bachelor student, Swedish student, PhD student or guest researcher) you will not be able to extend your contract further than the 15th July 2017.
You will follow the payment plan for student group 1, see above.


Special information for tenants at Greenhouse:

Tenants at Greenhouse will not be able to extend their current housing contract due to ongoing renovation work.
All tenants at Greenhouse have received a separate email about their options for extending their housing contract.


Important information to all Student Groups:

Extensions can be cancelled but only as long as you contact luacc [at] before the deadline, at 13.00 CEST the 21st April 2017. If you contact us at a later date a cancellation of the extension is no longer possible.