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When will I receive the results of my housing application?

There is no set deadline on when you will be contacted by us. The allocation process for Autumn 2017 will continue throughout summer until late July.

When the application period has closed, we initially work on the housing applications of the students that we will not be able to allocate, at least not in the beginning of the allocation process. The status of these applications will change to "waiting list" and an email with information about how to search for accommodation through other agencies will be sent to this group.

Please note that all room offers are not sent at the same time. Just because a fellow student has received a room offer it does not mean that we have forgotten about you.

All students who have not received a room offer will be informed when the allocation period is finished and all rooms have been reserved.

It is very important that you log on regularly to your housing account as well as check your email address registered with us (also the spam inbox).

Visit our FAQ section for further information.


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